MP3 Rocket

Not all of us are on the BitTorrent bandwagon. Many still use direct connect type programs for their simplicity and ease of use. MP3 Rocket is one of those programs and it’s arguably head and shoulders above many out there thanks to its numerous options and features that make the P2P application a one-stop entertainment destination.

It has the standard file-sharing capacity for downloading videos, music, etc. using the Gnutella network to locate files.

Media Streaming

MP3 Rocket offers live on-demand streams for more than 3,000 movies and TV shows, a Live Radio feature offering more than 1,000 live radio stations, and a Game Player providing access to more than 1,000 games.


Developed by LimeWire, MP3 Rocket has adopted and improved upon the file filtering technology known as TigerTree, which blocks “fake files” and spam files from the enemies of files sharing and spammers.

The new “TigerTree” hash technology blocks spammer’s fake files, such as those containing spam, viruses and Trojans. The TigerTree Spam filter (included in the latest 5.0.3 version of the MP3 Rocket) works by storing information about files, where search results can be filtered by keywords, size, verified SHA-1 hashes or even IP address. Information about what is spam is gathered through two methods:

  • the user marks which results they find to be fake, and
  • the software automatically keeps track of items commonly found in search results.

Both of these measures are used to give each file a rating and once this rating goes over a certain threshold, the file is flagged as spam. The filter is designed to learn by storing information. When a search is conducted, the user can block certain results by key words, size, verified SHA-1 hashes and/or IP address. Taking this information, the filter will then begin to learn by creating spam profiles. If a future search result fits a malicious profile, the file is labeled as spam.

Popularity Ranking

MP3 Rocket has developed a “Most Popular” feature that allows users to vote for and locate the most popular music, movies and pictures as ranked by other MP3 Rocket users. Popular files are determined by actual real time user votes. The TV, Radio and Game streams also utilize this “most popular” voting feature to improve the user experience.

Top 100 Artists

MP3 Rocket’s new ‘100 Most Popular Artists’ application lets users vote (unique for each p2p file hash) on their favorite performers, and the software automatically displays in the ‘most popular’ artists by week and month allowing for easy downloading of favorite songs, and allowing users to share their favorite bands, singer-songwriters, comedians, and other performers with their friends.

Review by Jared Moya

MP3 Rocket has an average rating 3.6 out of 5 based on 18 user ratings.