ZipTorrent allows you to search & download torrents quickly and easily on popular torrent search engines without leaving the software, and allows you to sort results by size, name, seeders & leechers, categories, and more! ZipTorrent is the friendliest BitTorrent client around, designed with a simple interface. It does what you need done, without asking too many questions!

ZipTorrent is the quickest and most efficient BitTorrent client around. Installs in less than a minute (on broadband) and includes handy features such as an easy to use interface, a search facility, multiple Torrent Details tabs, and more! ZipTorrent is a small and optimized BitTorrent client with big plans and a huge potential, developed using pure C++ by volunteers from around the planet.

We want to make it simple for the average joe to join the growing world of file sharing, without relying on a central resource (Decentralized architecture). ZipTorrent has two things some of the clients here do not here – An excellent (and very fast!) search facility, which allows you to also filter by seeders/leechers, torrent size, and so on and a very nice multi-server IRC implementation that allows you to receive torrents automatically from bots or from other users.

Besides that, many people who are considered very active within the BitTorrent community have reported that with ZipTorrent they get the fastest download speeds than with any other client, and I think that pretty much is what matters most! The rest is kinda moot since it pretty much does what all the other clients do, looks great, takes very little memory, and so on. ZipTorrent uses the opensource libtorrent, created by Arvid Norberg.

Some ZipTorrent Features Include:

  • Optimize your download speeds with the built-in Bandwidth Wizard.
  • Find out if you are behind a firewall or a NAT configuration, and learn how to fix it to accelerate your downloads, using ZipTorrent’s NAT Wizard!
  • ZipTorrent is based on the world famous BitTorrent protocol which allows you to download files faster than ever before, when the file is the most popular!
  • ZipTorrent is so efficiently written, it will use very little CPU power, freeing you to do other work while you download torrents!
  • Unlike most other BitTorrent software out there, you will hardly notice any memory usage by ZipTorrent, letting you run other software quickly and efficiently!
  • Talk to your friends with the built-in chat, and collaborate or help each other with your downloads to achieve even quicker download speeds!
  • Keep up to date with the latest and greatest with the built-in RSS news reader, and download content instantly by double-clicking the items you like.
  • Just like a programming guide – Program ZipTorrent to download your favorite files based on rules & keywords, either from chat rooms or from RSS feeds! Automation for the masses at the click of a button!
  • When your computer is not doing anything, help the BitTorrent community by sharing torrents you already downloaded before. Our intelligent sharing engine will only use very little bandwidth in order not to disturb other network applications.
Review by Jared Moya

ZipTorrent has an average rating 3.4 out of 5 based on 22 user ratings.