Xtorrent is all about search. Type keywords in and the results show up right in Xtorrent. One click later and you’re downloading your content. It’s ridiculously easy… and it’s only in Xtorrent.

Get Exactly What You Want
You can browse the files and folders of a torrent before downloading and see its real-time swarm status. Easily narrow your search results using the straightforward media type and keyword filters.

Subscribe to Content, Easily
Xtorrent consolidates the work of many apps into one. Ditch your RSS reader and your web browser… Xtorrent lets you subscribe to RSS torrentcasts directly. Just like the search interface, you’re only one click away from downloading the latest content.

Hardcore Technology, Mac Simplicity
Xtorrent has the svelte body of a supermodel and the brute strength of an ironman. In true Mac form, it successfully marries high-performance technology with a truly easy to use interface. Mac users deserve nothing less.

Advanced Features
Xtorrent does a lot more… iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV support. Time and user-activity sensitive bandwidth limits. Custom download folders. Search suggestions. Watch-folder auto-download. Automatic port configuration (UPNP & Airport NAT-PMP). Seeding ratio controls. Innovative fragment status view. Growl support. The list goes on… download Xtorrent and see for yourself!


Review by Jared Moya

XTorrent has an average rating 3.9 out of 5 based on 58 user ratings.