Burst! is port of BitTorrent’s console btdownloadheadless.py to Win32, with a GUI front-end. MakeTorrent is a Win32 solution for easily creating .torrent files with features such as multi-tracker .torrents and a custom tracker list. A Client for rather advanced user. Burst is colorless and relatively small, therefore he is also relatively fast from the program.

Burst! is new BT Client developed by kRYPT, and it functions with “MakeTorrent”, and even incorporates “TorrentSpy” into it. This is the best BT Clients out there. Burst is also based on the original python client (btdownloadheadless.py) but adds extra functionality for managing multiple transfers simultaneously, and some statistics about the active connections. (Previously known as BTSeeder.) Burst! is a new client for the BitTorrent network. It uses a modified version of the original python client as the back-end, and replaces the front-end with a native Win32 application. It uses less system resources (with multiple transfers), and has more features then the other clients.

Review by Jared Moya

Burst has an average rating 3.3 out of 5 based on 10 user ratings.