BitTornado is an improved bittorrent client that was built on the original BitTorrent. This client features an enhanced console/curses mode, lots of new features under the hood, and is generally one of the most advanced clients out there. It allows you to limit your bandwidth consumption, and provides more control over your torrents. It does everything the original bittorrent does, plus more.

BitTornado is the successor of Shad0w’s Experimental Client, and is programmed by the same person. If yor having problems setting this up you can use this Guide to Setting up BitTornado. The interface resembles the original BitTorrent clients, but with added features.

BitTornado Features:

  • Upload/download speed limitation
  • Prioritised downloading when downloading batches (several files)
  • Detailed information about connections to other peers
  • No central servers
  • Encrypted communications
  • Contact list with instant messaging and private mail
  • P2P file sharing
  • No advertising

“Super Seed” mode and “Peer Exchange” were originally developed by the BitTornado group. It is programmed using Python, for platform independence. BitTornado is an alternative BitTorrent client that allows a bit more adjustments than the original client. The most noticeable differences are the ability to adjust upload rate and the number of maximum uploads. It also includes pre-defined settings for various types of Internet connections.

Review by Jared Moya

BitTornado has an average rating 3.1 out of 5 based on 11 user ratings.