DirectDVD is a Professional Software DVD Player for Windows XP that provides Video/Audio Enhancements not found on OEM software. With DirectDVD you belong to a community of users who want the latest Audio Plug-Ins, Video Effects and UI controls. Our software is designed for fast and generally higher end home/business PCs. Without a doubt, DirectDVD will be your professional decision for DVD Playback in Windows!

Acclaimed DirectDVD, now enters it’s sixth commercial edition release. Developed over 5 years ago, DirectDVD has become an emblem for advance Windows DVD playback, and Audio breakthroughs. With Millions of D5 downloads, Orion Studios has become the World’s most downloaded Software DVD Player!

Our Production Team has made sure DirectDVD 6 HD, included unprecidented technology, that has never been seen before in a DVD Player. Partnering with some of the largest Semi-Conductor/Audio Laboratories in the World, we feel that D6 accomplishes what our inspiration have been all along!

Some of the features of DirectDVD are:

  • DVD to MP3 2003 Included in DirectDVD 5.2
  • Compressor HI-DX
  • DVD Param EQ
  • DCP-Headphones Now In DirectDVD – August 5th 2003
  • MatrixM AC-3 Speaker Seperation Included in Package
  • DXChorus now included
  • TheaterVERB included in DirectDVD
  • 10 Band Visual EQ – Designed for EFX Spectrum
  • SRS TruSurround XT Headphones
  • UltraFunk:Surround
  • UltraFunk:EQ
  • UltraFunk:Multi-Band
  • UltraFunk:Reverb
  • DirectX DMO Interface for DMO Additions
  • WinAmp Style EQ Fade and Peaks
  • ATI Remote Wonder Ready-
  • QSound QmaxII Ready
  • DMO Based Equalizer
  • View Movies on Desktop XP
  • Full Digital Pre-Amp
  • ASPI DVD Global Startup
  • 32 Band Spectrum Analyzer
  • Surround Sound Level Meters (Video Window)
  • ESX- Control Bar – Smaller Interface
  • Options Skin Enhancement
  • OSD Tweaks (User Hacks)

The requirements of DirectDVD are:

  • WindowsXP/Home/Pro/Media Edition
  • (Not Required but Recommended) – 1028 x 1024 Available Screen Resolution or Better
  • (Widescreen HD Supported)
  • DirectX 8.0 or Higher
  • 100 MB of Memory
  • 1.0 GHZ Processor or more – we prefer 3.0 GHZ+
  • Stereo (2) Channel up to 17.1 Speakers – 5.1 and 7.1 configurations will be most common
  • Graphics Card – all Cards perform at exceptional rates with DirectDVD
  • SPDIF for Digital Output of DTS – Dolby Digital
Review by Jared Moya

DirectDVD has an average rating 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 user ratings.