Duolingo Launches Free App for Android Devices

Popular free language learning service Duolingo launched its first mobile App for Android which could potentially double its user base.

Kim Dotcom is a Hypocrite When it Comes to 3D Printing Guns

Kim Dotcom might like to sound off about the freedom of the internet, freedom of speech, freedom of thought and

US Senator Calls For Regulation of 3D Printed Guns

The Liberator may have given gun enthusiasts a huge boost in confidence, but the 3D printable gun may also be

US Government Censors DEFCAD Website

3D printing has been around for a while, but with the possibility of printing a gun, there’s been a very

Dutch Government Proposes Bill to Hack Your Computer

The Dutch government is proposing a bill that would allow the government to hack anyone’s computer – including those located

Top 5 Android Apps for Downloading Free Music
Top 5 Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

Top 5 Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

A roundup of the top 5 free Android music apps for finding and downloading free music online. The great thing about

Top Mac BitTorrent Clients

List of the most popular BitTorrent clients available for the Mac OS. BitTorrent has really gone mainstream in the last 2-3

How To Setup and Use BitTorrent Sync

An easy-to-follow guide for users wishing to setup and properly configure BitTorrent sync so that they can safely and securely

FB Checker Identifies Fake Facebook Profiles and Pics

Free program lets you analyze and verify the authenticity of Facebook users before you add them to your list of

BitTorrent Used to Promote “Arthur Newman” Film, Angers Hollywood

Cinedigm and BitTorrent, Inc. ingenuously partnered to promote Colin Firth and Emily Blunt-driven film “Arthur Newman”, but agreement has led

PirateBay Settles in Iceland

The Pirate Bay has been moving around quite a few different domains recently, moving away from its Swedish domain earlier

Pirate Bay and other torrent search sites now accepting Bitcoin

I don’t think that headline could have any more buzz-words in it. Pirate Bay, Bitcoin, Torrents, they’re all there and

Voddler Takes It’s Video Streaming and Sharing Service Global

Voddler, often described as Sweden’s Spotify for video, has announced that it will extend its service to the rest of

A Week On From Bitcoin Explosion, Value Has Crashed

I reported last week on the ridiculous explosion in Bitcoin value over the preceding weekend, where we saw it jump over $100

Private Internet Access: Low Cost VPN Service at $39.95 p/yr

Private Internet Access allows you to unblock censorship filters while protecting your privacy and identity online. VPNs have long been

CFAA Reform to Criminalize Teenagers for Reading News Online?

It’s an evolution of habits. Instead of opening a newspaper, many are turning to the Internet to find out what

New US Bill Would Create a Hollywood Ambassador to the World

A recently announced bill in the US would create a “Chief Innovation and Intellectual Property Negotiator”, but critics charge that

Stealthy: Chrome Extension to Unblock Blocked Sites

Chrome extension allows you to visit any website currently blocked by work, your ISP, govt or anybody else; access Netflix,

How to Watch MLB Games Online for Free
How to Watch MLB Games Online for Free
How to Watch MLB Games Online for Free

How to Watch MLB Games Online for Free

Forget expensive Major League Baseball subscription packages and watch your favorite baseball team play for free online from virtually anywhere

How to Bypass ISP Filters and Access The Pirate Bay in the UK

Guide to circumventing the country’s High Court ruling ordering IPS to block BitTorrent tracker sites, that list now including The Pirate