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Copyright Industry Getting Slaughtered in the Stock Markets

The copyright industry, namely the RIAA and MPAA, have said for years that file-sharing has caused the industry billions of

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ a Rip Off of Beatmania?

Guitar Hero has become a successful product in North America for quite some time. While the basic ideas about the

Nokia Thinks a DRM Based Online Music Business Model Will Work

In light of major music stores selling DRM encoded music collapsing, Nokia apparently thinks that they can somehow reverse the

Massive New Artists Rights Coalition Launches – Takes Aim At Major Record Labels

Are you an artist tired of major record labels putting words in your mouth when it comes to suing music

UK Prime Minister Denies Three Strikes Proposal… After Europe Tossed It

In an odd turn of events, British prime minister has denied that a three strikes proposal for p2p users is

Broadcasters Fail to Bring Copyright into Canadian National Debates

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have had copyright on their minds as they went into the current election. In spite

Rapidshare Loses in Court – Must Proactively Remove Copyrighted Content

The long awaited court ruling has arrived and it may be very bad news for the ever-present content hosting website

“Share Links” – P2P Revolution or Small Metamorphic P2P Evolution?

There was an interesting posting by DCInteractive which discusses the movement on file-hosting and comparing it to popular file-sharing medium

Another DRM Music Store Scheme Bites the Dust – Wal-Mart Shuts Off DRMed Music

Sometimes, it’s just plain difficult to be an honest customer these days. This was proven again with the shut down

Exclusive: WinMXWorld Announces The WinMX Community Patch

WinMX has just announced that they are releasing a Community Patch which is designed to bring together a once split

Best Buy to Acquire Napster 2.0 for $121 Million

The news may have been missed by some, but there is word that Napster could very likely be sold to

Report – ACTA Stalled Amid War Between Australian ISPs and Copyright Industry

While on the surface, it appears to be a standard report on the ISPs refusing to comply with the idea

EFF Sues NSA and High Ranking Government Officials Over Warrantless Wiretapping

The list of defendants is long and includes several big names in politics including president Bush, Alberto Gonzales and the

US Advocacy Organizations Sue Government to Make ACTA Public

Negotiations have been speeding along with ACTA and public advocacy organizations are losing their patience over how long it’s taking

RIAA Sues Ray Beckerman for Blogging

Is blogging a crime if you hold a certain opinion? Apparently so according to the RIAA who plans on litigating

SVT Officially Apologizes to The Pirate Bay Over TV Debate Fiasco

It may be one of the biggest P2P media disasters this year and now the media outlet responsible for a

Over 100 International Public Interest Organizations Demand ACTA Be Made Public

Over 100 public interest organizations have demanded that ACTA, the notoriously secret treaty being negotiated by numerous nations around the

German GEMA Copyright Protest Posted on YouTube

We noted a very interesting case in Germany where an artist sent 70,200 forms to GEMA in a truck –

Calgarian Digital Rights Activists Organize to Make Copyright Election Issue

Making copyright an election issue has been largely an underground movement. That could change in later legs of the Canadian

Australian Government to Finance Faulty Internet Filtering Technology

Apparently, keeping your fingers crossed is good enough for the Australian government who plans to use ISP-based filtering technology despite