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RIAA Blames Harvard Law Professor for Dragging Out File-Sharing Case

There’s been a development in the RIAA lawsuit where a Harvard Law professor decided to step in. There’s an interesting

Veoh Scores Legal Victory for Video Sharing Sites

While a victory, the EFF notes it may also just be a footnote in a long list of lawsuits against

It’s Now Legal for Police to Hack Your Computer Without a Warrant in Britain?

If it’s the job of the government to safeguard the interests of citizens, it’s sure hard to tell these days

Blogger Writes from Inside the Newest Police State on the Planet

What would it be like if all those anti-privacy laws you keep hearing about passed? Just ask someone who lives

Australian Internet Filtering Plan Will Be Mandatory for Everyone – No Opt-Out

After the internet filtering trial, there will be no such thing as opting out of the internet filters. The internet

What Will 2009 Bring to Filesharing and Technology?

It’s the end of 2008 as we know it, but what will 2009 bring? We look at the past for

Thai Internet Website Blacklist Leaked

It may be another way to prove the futility of an internet blacklist mandated by the government. With governments like

British Minister In Discussions With Obama to Filter Internet to ‘Protect the Children’

Britain and the United States next in line to filter the internet while saying the internet is nothing more than

Major Search Engines Sued for Copyright Violations

Two major websites are currently under the legal gun for allegedly assisting copyright infringement. It is suppose to be a

ACTA Negotiations Will Continue into 2009

ACTA negotiations will continue it’s usual secrecy into 2009 after wrapping up in Paris. Reportedly, they will continue negotiations in

Is It Right to Consider the Internet as Little More Than a Broadcaster?

There is a growing trend to define the internet as little more than a “broadcaster”, but isn’t it a bad

French Government Wants to Tax the Internet

It seems that the French government wants to treat the internet like a broadcaster and tax it accordingly. French media

OiNK Admin Appears Before British Court

The administrator of OiNK, the once popular private BitTorrent website, as well as five others, have appeared before court recently.

60 Year-Old Australian’s House Raided Over Re-Posting YouTube Clip

There’s always the passing thought of getting raided for uploading copyrighted works, but over a viral video originally on YouTube?

British Government Announces Support for Copyright Term Extension

In a move that sent shock waves around the internet, Culture secretary Andy Burnham announced that he supports extending the

MPAA Wants to ‘Automatically’ Eliminate Piracy

Oh the things that sound good on paper… There’s document (PDF) shows what appears to be a wish list from

Financier for MPAA Members Arrested – Court Battle Looms

It may get a little harder for the MPAA to play the moral card – not to mention getting funding

RIAA Sued for Price Fixing – 6 Years Later

It has been a little over 6 years since the Recording Industry Association of America settled a case where they

Canada Elects Minority Government, Could Avoid Canadian DMCA Again

Canada was headed into political uncertainty with copyright legislation being successfully pushed under the rug throughout the election this year.

The Canadian DMCA and After This Election

There’s a lot of talk in Canadian circles about the up and coming Canadian election and what it could mean