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Pirate Bay Alternatives

With all this activity surrounding The Pirate Bay, we decided to look the best alternatives to the The Pirate Bay.

Best Bluetooth Speakers: Ditching the Dock in 2013

We review the top selling portable Bluetooth speakers that will give you great sound without putting a dent in your

RIAA Says Lawsuits Against File-Sharers “Not About the Money”

Calls legal campaign “fair and reasonable,” and insists that it lets courts and juries “decide the proper dollar amount.” Sometimes

3 Judge Panel to Determine if Pirate Bay Trial Judge Biased

Replace Judge Ulrika Ihrfelt, a member of same pro-copyright group as original judge, Judge Tomas Norström, as it considers whether

United States Video Game Sales Fall 17% in April

Reuters is reporting on the latest NPD numbers where it was revealed United States video game sales fell 17 percent

Blizzard to Create New MMO Based on New Frachise

Although the details may be scarce Blizzard has confirmed they are developing a new massively multiplayer rpg based on a

Software Piracy Costs Exceeds 50 Billion

A report was recently released by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and market research firm IDC that claims software companies

Translated Japanese Comics Made Available For Free to Combat Piracy

In order to combat comic piracy Japanese manga publisher Shogakukan Inc. has decided to offer translated versions of Japanese comics

Piracy Hurting PSP Software Sales Declares Sony

In an exclusive interview with Gamasutra Peter Dille Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment of America discussed

Mininova Surpasses 8 Billion Downloads as Court Date Looms

Earlier in the month popular torrent site Mininova recorded their eight billionth download. The site was founded in January of

Political Hypocrisy: French President Sued for Copyright Infringement

It seems that every year, a high profile anti-piracy entity winds up being on the wrong end of a copyright

Davenport Lyons Threatens to Sue Wikileaks Over Publication of Extortion Letter

Claims that the extortion letter is protected by copyright and cannot be posted online. Late last year, Wikileaks obtained a

Swedish IFPI Website Hacked

The Swedish IFPI website was recently hacked, but Brokep said in his blog that ThePirateBay is already winning the case

Canadian ISP Bandwidth Consumption Growth Falls 45%

Jesse Browns Search Engine on CBC covered a very interesting topic recently. The growth of bandwidth consumption went down 45%

Day #3 of The Pirate Bay Trial – Users Responsible for Uploads

It might not have been as dramatic as day 2 of the trial, but the day wasn’t void of the

IIPA Blames Canada for Movie Piracy (Again)

Many observers who take particular interest in Canadian issues surrounding copyright might find this to be a broken record, but

Professor – Unfiltered Internet Has No Place in a Democracy

Says people like the Electronic Frontier Australia are a bunch of extremists. It may be difficult for some to read

French Film Director Pushes Canadian Streaming Site Offline

Says that because the site had advertising, it is an illegal website. In a report that has, thus far, remained

An International Look on Why Canada Shouldn’t Consider Surveillance Legislation

The Canadian government made signals that it wants to reintroduce the modernization of investigation techniques which brought forth the infamous

Exclusive: ZeroPaid Interviews Open Rights Group

Many things have been happening surrounding your rights on the internet and a number of these things are occurring in