Piracy is Still More Convenient

One of the biggest reasons given for piracy over the past decade, has been convenience. It’s simply easier to download

Kim Dotcom is a Hypocrite When it Comes to 3D Printing Guns

Kim Dotcom might like to sound off about the freedom of the internet, freedom of speech, freedom of thought and

PirateBay Settles in Iceland

The Pirate Bay has been moving around quite a few different domains recently, moving away from its Swedish domain earlier

Pirate Bay and other torrent search sites now accepting Bitcoin

I don’t think that headline could have any more buzz-words in it. Pirate Bay, Bitcoin, Torrents, they’re all there and

A Week On From Bitcoin Explosion, Value Has Crashed

I reported last week on the ridiculous explosion in Bitcoin value over the preceding weekend, where we saw it jump over $100

Super Meat Boy Developer Says Focus on Paying Customers

Tommy Refenes, one half of the duo behind indie success story Super Meat Boy, has published an extended tumblr post

Pirate Bay Evolves Into Hydra Bay

The Pirate Bay has been attacked for years, with server seizures, raids on hosts and the founders imprisoned, but the

Mega Overtakes Rapidshare, DropBox

Kim Dotcom’s Mega is continuing to stampede its way through its fellow file locker websites, contemptuously knocking them aside despite

Mega.co.nz Becomes Biggest New Zealand Site, Impacts Drop Box

In just three days, Kim Dotcom’s newly launched Mega file locker website has become the biggest in the whole of

Paypal Holds User’s Funds to Earn off Their Interest

New information has been brought forward that seems to suggest that online payment provider Paypal, has for a long time

Richard O’Dwyer Escapes US Extradition

Richard O’Dwyer, the man behind streaming website TVShack has managed to avoid extradition to the US by signing a “deferred

UK Pirates Are Big Box Office Spenders

Evidence continues to mount that despite downloading movies for free once in a while, the pirates of the world are

Finnish Pirate Bay Appeal Denied by Supreme Court

A request by Finnish ISP Elisa, to undo the forced block against torrent search site The Pirate Bay has been

Twitter Cracks Down on Neo Nazi Comments

Twitter has begun using a new system of censorship on its platform, not by blocking messages from being posted or deleting them

The Pirate Bay Goes Server Free

The Pirate Bay has announced on its blog that it has got rid of its real life servers, in an

Security vs Privacy, the Current Tradeoff with the FISA Amendments Act

Privacy is a big topic in contemporary society, specifically with regards to how important it is when it comes to

Downloading Songs Cost Minnesota Woman $220,000

A court ruling today finalised the damages that a Minnesotan woman will have to pay for distributing a handful of

Kim Dotcom Opens Megaupload API To developers

Legally embattled owner of Megaupload.com, Kim Dotcom, has just announced on his official twitter account, that the re-release of the

Frankenstein Virus Doesn’t Reproduce Asexually

A new virus that’s been created by computer scientists from the University of Texas, is able to combine elements from

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