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Petition Surfaces to Restore Copyright Term to 28 Years in US

One of the many flaws of copyright is that the term is, as far as most people who are living

Are TPP Negotiators Adding Consumer Protections to Agreement?

After the collapse of ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) in Europe, many wondered what the implications would be including the implications

In Response to Ewan Morrison’s Sky is Falling Piece on ACTA’s Death

After ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) was killed in Europe, many were applauding the secretive agreements demise. One ACTA supporter, Ewan

La Quadrature Du Net – Let’s Build Better Copyright Laws

After what many call as the death blow to Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) thanks to an overwhelming rejection in the

European Parliament Overwhelmingly Rejects ACTA 478 – 39

After years of tension and drama surrounding the infamous secretive Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a vote by the European Parliament

Fight Piracy By Cutting Off Ad Revenue – Google

There’s been numerous ways of fighting piracy that has been proposed in the past. One study was conducted by BAE

Canadian Copyright Reform Bill Receives Royal Assent and Reflections

After years of back and forth between the Canadian public and the Canadian government and foreign interests, Canadian copyright reform

Demand Progress Files Brief in MegaUpload Case

Demand Progress has filed a legal brief, joining the many in call to permit users who used MegaUpload legally to

Leap Second Crashes The Pirate Bay [Updated]

Panic ensued over The Pirate Bay going down. The problem for about two hours was that no one knew why

The Pirate Bay Goes Down for Unknown Reasons

Swedish BitTorrent website ThePirateBay has been experiencing some downtime recently. Unfortunately, no one seems to know why the site is

Copyright Used to Censor Enbridge Pipeline Satirical Criticism

A cartoonist is currently witnessing what is commonly referred to as the Streisand effect. Over the last week, a cartoonist

Australian Committee Recommends Against Ratifying ACTA

ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) has certainly been at the receiving end of numerous heavy blows. The heaviest are coming from

Spotify Takes Second Place for Most Record Label Revenue Generated

One of the many things that record labels have said in the past is that because physical record labels have

NZ Court Rules Warrant Against MegaUpload Invalid, Evidence Removal Illegal

The FBI and major multinational corporations were dealt with a heavy blow in the MegaUpload case. A New Zealand court

US ‘6 Strike’ Rule Starts This Sunday, How Are You Preparing?

While UK regulators are trying to move ahead with a 3 strikes rule, US ISPs have cut a deal with

UK’s OfCom Publishes Draft Three Strikes Law Standards for ISPs

The UK is one of only a select few countries that have embarked on a path of creating a “Three

An Analysis of the TPP’s Infamous Intellectual Property Draft Chapter

When the investment chapter draft leaked, it sparked outrage amongst the people in New Zealand and pushed the New Zealand

Universal Music Buying EMI – An Anti-Trust Concern?

Universal Music is trying to convince anti-trust regulators that buying EMI does not create anti-competitive concerns. Critics argue that having

Green Party Warns of Erosion of Internet Rights in Australia

The Green party recently sounded the alarm over an erosion of Internet rights in Australia. The erosion is largely thanks

CNET Targeted By the RIAA Over Software that Could be Used to Infringe

If software is being distributed on your website that would be theoretically used to infringe copyright, does that make your