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EU Reopens Backdoor to Graduated Response in Telecoms Package

The clock is ticking on the telecoms package and not even a week before the final vote, reports are surfacing

Is Putting Canada on a Priority Watchlist Going to Backfire?

A few days ago, we highlighted the USTR Special 301 report and briefly mentioned how Canada was put on a

Major Private Tech Company Now Supports NC Municipal Broadband

Late last month, we reported on how big US ISPs are lobbying the state of North Carolina to block municipal

Report – Rapidshare Gave Personal Information to Rights Holders to Assist Home Raid of Uploader

For a while, Rapidshare was becoming an alternative to BitTorrent. The speeds were great because you are connected to a

French Arts Community Revolts Against French Three Strikes Legislation

It seems that opposition is mounting against the return of France’s ‘Three Strikes Law’ (Also known as Hadopi). Today, there’s

The Pirate Bay Guilty Verdict ‘Significant Positive Progress’ – United States

One of the major sticking points for many Swedish is the fact that the United States have effectively interfered in

Lawyer – The Pirate Bay’s Legal Demise Could Endanger Google and YouTube

Much to the dismay of Google, there seems to be a movement afloat to compare The Pirate Bay to the

Google – Stop Comparing Us to The Pirate Bay!

Many people who have been watching the debate surrounding the trial of The Pirate Bay have compared the website to

British IP Minister Shoots Down Three Strikes Law Proposal

The copyright industry may have a brand new setback if it hopes that the Three Strikes law would take off

French Three Strike Proposal Returns to French Parliament

France has pretty much been the country whose government pressured the world to adopt a “three strikes and your out”

Big US ISPs Roll Out Push Polling to Stop Cheap Internet

There’s been some dramatic developments in the Greenlight project happening in North Carolina. Essentially, the big US ISPs are doing

Microsoft Creates Leech-While-You-Sleep BitTorrent Hardware

It could be a private BitTorrent user’s dream come true. Imagine your overall ratio being at 0.98 right before you

Home Office Backs Down from ‘Super Database’ Surveillance, Launches Consultation

Britain’s Home Office has been wanting to take all communications including everything in social networking sites and phone conversations and

German Book Publishers Want to Add Rapidshare to ISP Blacklist

Two days ago, we pointed to a story about the German government forcing ISPs to agree to a web filtering

The Pirate Google Launches

The guilty verdict against The Pirate Bay has left many feeling irate. Many feel that you can pretty much do

Public Forum on Internet Filtering This Monday in Australia

Internet filtering on the ISP level has been taking hold in some countries around the world. While not as widespread

Germany Forces ISPs to Agree to Web Filtering

For those who have been following the internet filtering debates, this latest development in Germany might ring a few bells.

Prediction: UK TV and Movie Industry Insignificant in 5 Years

According to a trade body, the TV and movie industry in Britain to be insignificant in 5 years without intervention

Strike Two for EU Three Strikes Law

If the three strikes law gets blocked a third time, does that mean the law is out? The hotly controversial

IFPI Accidently Debunks Music Sales Claims for Canada?

New statistics from the copyright industry was released recently, but with all of the claims on how music sales are