When not blogging, I do PR, marketing, community outreach, and social media. I’ve spent over ten years studying the file-trading and Peer-to-Peer phenomena, both personally and professionally, with specific interest in how file-trading has impacted technology, innovation and business. I live in San Diego with my lovely wife and two very rambunctious kids. Follow me on Twitter: kosmonautbruce

The Best Software Distribution Tools for Developers

EDI, bar-code scanning, automated reporting and global visibility are just some of what software distribution tools can offer developers. Cloud-based

Words Not Actions

When analyzing the anti-infringement activities of the content owning industries (RIAA, MPAA, etc.) it is often far more interesting to

Hollywood Does Not Take Piracy Seriously

The Hollywood film industry, or at least its official representatives in the MPAA, likes to talk tough about efforts to

The End of Music Piracy? O RLY?

A provocative headline can generate a lot of readers and a lively debate, but it can also do a poor

An Experiment in “Red”

One of the frustrating issues for analysts of the file-sharing phenomenom is that so much of what we know, or

Google Providing Focus to Future of Online Video

Not long ago I wrote a piece discussing the possibility of Google doing something pretty revolutionary in the video space.

How Will You Get Your Internet Video in the Future?

Right now, the landscape for Internet video is relatively stable, with the vast bulk of online video sites (including the

Inexpensive HD Video in 2010

My last piece for Zeropaid looked at the recently announced iPad specifically as a video device.  Does Apple’s latest gadget

iPad as Video Device? Not So Much

In the unlikely case you were somehow unaware of the big news from yesterday, Apple announced the iPad, a new

CES 2010: Conversation with Tom “Slyck” Mennecke

While CES is primarily a occasion to see new gadgets and new software, it is also a gathering of hundreds

CES 2010 Gadgets Part 2

CES 2010 is drawing rapidly to a close, and I’ve got tons of big things to write about, but right

Gadgets Galore at CES 2010

One of the major problems with covering a trade show the size and scale of CES is that you spend

Zeropaid at CES 2010!

While the year, and the decade, may just be starting out, things are already heating up quickly in the electronics

Awards Season is Upon Us, Screeners Soon to Follow

For long-time observers of video piracy, the traditional end of the year awards season provides a very interesting peek into

Has Blu-Ray’s Moment Arrived?

Have you made the jump to Blu-Ray?  The next generation disc format, the “successor” to DVD, has now been on

10 Years of DeCSS and Xvid

Many recent articles on file-trading and the P2P community have noted that the Napster phenomenon occurred ten years ago, marking

Why Streaming is not the Answer

Science fiction author, blogger extraordinaire, and digital rights champion Cory Doctorow has an essay up at the Guardian site that

Leak Confirms ACTA Is As Bad As Feared

While the entirety of the proposed ACTA treaty for the global enforcement of intellectual property and copyright has yet to

Will Pirates Sink the Pirate Boat that Rocked?

Despite a great deal of evidence to the contrary, the MPAA and its allies in the content industries constantly declare

The reports of P2P’s death remain greatly exaggerated

It is not often that one gets to see justice, of a sort anyway, happen so quickly.  Just Thursday, The

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