Movie Explorer: Organize Your Huge Movie Collection with Details from IMDb

Movie Explorer: Organize Your Huge Movie Collection with Details from IMDb

Windows program creates a slick, convenient overview of all the movies available on your multiple internal and external hard disk drives in various locations, making it ideal for those with large movie collections looking to create a user-friendly central database.

The age of the terabyte hard disk drive and video compression software have made it easier than ever before to collect and store large amounts of movie titles in ways only dreamed about less than a decade ago. A single terabyte HDD, for example, can store a thousand or more .XVID-encoded movies, and for some this has become a reality; for these people Movie Explorer is just the right Windows program they need to organize their huge half-TB, full-TB, and multiple-TB movie collections.

Movie Explorer catalogs your entire movie library and creates an instant overview of all the movie title you have available on internal and external hard disk drives. It’s designed for those with huge movie collections, but don’t have the time or the will to manually compose a database of all their movies.

Features include:

  • No installation required, runs on Windows 2000 and higher.
  • Automatically collects movie details and posters from the Internet (currently and supported).
  • Creation of categories possible to group similar movies.
  • Multi-language user interface.
  • Automatically detects movie files added to the specified directories and adds them to the correct category.
  • Movie information is collected lightning fast in the background using a multi-threaded mechanism.
  • DPI-aware and zooming available in both main window and dialogs.
  • Search for title, year, director, genre, etc.
  • Highly portable, saves your settings and database to XML-files in the application directory instead of the system registry.

To determine which movies will be included go to “Options…” in the toolbar menu and select the “Categories” tab. Here you can add folder directories or individual folders to your collection.

When you see a movie you want to play just select the “File” link listed under “Categories.”

Movie Explorer simplifies watching a movie from your extensive collection. No more scrolling through boring folders across multiple locations that require you to remember what a movie is about or whether it’s good or not. Movie Explorer puts all your movies in a single location and tells you exactly what to expect.

Stay tuned.

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