Top 5 Shopping Extensions for Chrome

Top 5 Shopping Extensions for Chrome

A rundown of five popular Chrome shopping extensions that guarantee to save you time and money during your online shopping experience.

Shopping online has never been more popular. This past holiday season, in fact US consumers turned to the Internet in record numbers to buy gifts for family and friends. According to some market analysts, shopping online in the seven weeks before Christmas was up 15% from the year prior.

Shopping online is gaining over brick-and-mortar stores because it offers pricing and convenience that is simply unmatched. In a matter of seconds you can compare prices from hundreds of retailers without ever having to step foot in a store, and have it shipped to your doorstep with the click of a mouse. It’s even really easy to comparison shop and find any product you want for the price you want to pay at for Under. Just put in what you want and how much you want to pay, like a PS4 for under $150.

With this new thrust of online shopping comes the need for ways to sort through all the sites out there to find the best price on a given product. Just as consumers don’t want to have to drive to several brick-an-mortar stores to find the best price they also don’t want to have to visit multiple sites if they can avoid it.

There are a number of Chrome shopping extensions that can redefine your online shopping experience and make it quicker and easier than ever before. From price tracking to comparison, I’ve gathered together five of the more popular shopping extensions for Chrome around.

1. Fast eBay Search

Fast eBay Search is a Chrome shopping extension that delivers just as the name advertises.

Use the Fast eBay Search icon to find a product on eBay based on categories such as price, category, condition, listing sort and listing type.

Want to bid on an auction item without having to keep a constant eye on it? Fast eBay Search has a new “Watch Auction” feature that allows you to keep tabs on items and score a deal on last minute auctions.

Features include:

  • Save Search – Save your favorite search configuration (including Advanced Options) to browse results quickly.
  • Watch Items – Watch specific items for easy access to fast paced auctions.
  • Daily Deals – Get the best daily deals from eBay in your browser.
  • eBay International – Search eBay international sites with the improved advanced search options.

If you want a quick and simple way to buy products on eBay then the Fast eBay Search shopping extension for Chrome is the way to go.