How to Watch NFL Games on Android for Free

How to Watch NFL Games on Android for Free

A quick guide that will show you how to stream any NFL game you want on your mobile Android phone or tablet.

We’re in week 2 of the 2011 football season, and NFL fans are tuning in like never before to root for their favorite team and players.

The problem for some, however is that cable companies and the NFL are the ones who get to dictate which games they can or cannot watch on broadcast TV. Blackout restrictions and inattention to out-of-market teams (think the lonely Broncos fan living in San Diego) can make life rough; and if your a fantasy football fan forget about it: broadcast TV just won’t cut it.

Well, I’ve already mentioned how to watch how to watch football for free on your desktop computer, and how to watch NFL games on your iPhone and iPad so the only platform really missing is Android.

By following the few easy steps that follow you’ll be watching NFL games for free online in no time.


1. Go to WiZiWiG


2. Go to the NFL + CFL + AFL Section


3. Select “Sticky: [Streaming] 2013 NFL WEEK (?)”

Go to “Sticky: [Streaming] 2011 NFL WEEK (?)” where (?) is the given week of the football season.


4. Choose the Game You Want to Watch

Here you’ll find a list of the NFL games available for streaming with links to the live streams for each. The links are posted a few hours before kickoff after they’re submitted to and vetted by the site’s admins.


5. Select a “Web Stream” to Watch

Now there are two types of streams listed: Web streams and P2P streams.

Web streams are regular old streaming video that doesn’t require additional software installation to view.

P2P steams require one of several types of different P2P programs to function, only one of which – Sopcast – is currently supported on Android devices. You can download Sopcast HERE.

The quality of streams will vary so you may want to test out a few before you get comfortable.


6. Other Places to Watch NFL Games for Free Online

There are other sites that host Web Streams as well just in case you can’t find the game you want or a quality stream

Stay tuned.

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