Top 5 Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

Top 5 Android Apps for Downloading Free Music
Top 5 Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

A roundup of the top 5 free Android music apps for finding and downloading free music online.

The great thing about smartphones these days is that they’ve basically become portable computers, empowering users with the ability to listen to and watch pretty much anything they want to on-the-go.

For many this means there’s a dire need for finding content online, preferably free, and especially music in particular.

There’s a number of free Android music apps that allow users to download songs as one would with any other run of the mill P2P app. The only difference is that you can’t share music, making music downloading far safer than on a desktop PC because one can’t be accused of distributing copyrighted material.

The following is a quick rundown of the top 5 free Android apps for downloading free music online.

1. MP3 Music Download Super

MP3 Music Download Super is a run-of-the-mill Android app for downloading free music.

Simply enter a search query and MP3 Music Download Super will return results from where you can download it for free. It also lets you search for the lyrics to favorite songs, and download up to 3 songs simultaneously.

2. MP3 Download Lite

A really simple Android app for downloading free music. MP3 Download lets you search from millions of free songs online using a public search engine.  MP3 Download even lets you edit your downloaded music to set as ringtones.

3. Free MP3 Music Download

Free MP3 Music Download lets you search, download and play free music found using public search engines. You can view song lyrics and album cover when playing music.

You can even create your own ringtones and assign to contacts.

4. Music Junk

My favorite of the bunch. Thanks to the RIAA it’s sadly been removed from the Android Market, but like anything else, once it’s in the wild it’s there for good.

Music Junk lets you search and download any song you want for free.Music Junk can also play streaming audio and find lyrics to your favorite songs.

5. Music Box Pro

Music Box Pro was also removed from the Android Market by Google over copyright complaints by the RIAA, but similarly it too lives on the wild.

Music Box Pro was, and is, one of the more popular Android apps for downloading free music around.

What makes it such a brilliant app is the fact that you can search for music using preset lists like MTV’s “Top 100 Greatest Pop Songs” or Billboard’s “Hot 1oo of the Last Week.” It takes alot of the guesswork out of finding new music to listen to.