Zeropaid Interview: Pablo from Blubster

So far two interviews in one week! Hopefully this will continue!

ZP:In what direction do you think File Sharing is going?

Pablo: Legalization is the magic word. Of course the technology is improving every day, but the major movement for the File Sharing world in to the future will be the recognition and the freedom of decentralized networks.

ZP: Does Blubster contain ads or spyware? How does Blubster make money?

Pablo: Blubster is totally community-based. This means that all our decisions are proposed by the community. For example, we recently had some financial problems, and we asked the community about solutions. They offered popup advertising, and we put a switch feature to activate and deactivate them, so that none of them is forced to see unsolicited advertising. Blubster currently doesn’t contain any adware, spyware or any kind of bundled software, and if we manage to grow with our current income sources we will continue like that. As our growth is something *special*, if in the future we will maybe have funding problems we will ask the community again for new ideas.

ZP: What incentives or motives do you have in creating Blubster?

Pablo: I am a 22 year old programmer, musician, anti-capitalist, internet protocol lover, avid music listener guy… what more can I say… I do believe in the idea of sharing.

ZP: What features do you plan to implement in future versions of Blubster?

Pablo: Already implemented features in our 2.0 version include; connection issues solved, swarmed downloads, buddy list, play list, advanced search… For the next versions after 2.0, ask the community, not me! ;D

ZP: About what time do you think we can expect to see these features?

Pablo: Blubster 1.2.3 has been out too much time. The amount of new features developed for the new version has delayed Blubster 2.0 for weeks if not months, but now we are confident we will have it for public download within 2 weeks.

ZP: How many developers do you have working on Blubster?

Pablo: Currently I am the only one… lucky 100,000 blubzies work hard to imagine cool new features. My objectives for this year include creating a development team for Blubster always if the revenues do allow it.

ZP: Will you ever connect to other networks? Or will Blubster stay on its own proprietary P2P?

Pablo: We will probably never connect to other networks, our network is great, the fastest by far, and we only need to continue growing. In the other hand, we are having offers from other major p2p players to join our network, so you could see some new licensed clients that run our network in a near future.

ZP: Any plans on creating a feature to allow you to download complete albums?

Pablo: Blubster currently has this ability. You only have to search for the album you want and double-click it. Nevertheless, Blubster 2.0 will definetely improve the downloading experience with its entirely new download manager.

ZP: Why does Blubster not work for some people with Windows XP and DSL modems? Is there a fix for this?

Pablo: I have Windows XP and a DSL router here, and I am connected 24 hours a day to the network. Windows XP built-in firewall totally disables UDP protocol, which is needed to run the Blubster network, I would recommend people disabling that firewall and downloading one of the good free ones, where you can configure exactly what are you protecting your computer from. DSL modems may be different for each manufacturer and ISP around. Is is difficult to say, but there are forums at to help with that issue. Blubster 2.0 will break these barriers and as no internet user will find difficulties to join Blubster any more , Blubster will maybe explode in terms of number of users on the short term. It was one of the mayor barriers what stopped Blubster from a more dramatical growth rate.

ZP: What do you think of the current state of p2p? Will their ever be one main application for finding files like Napster? Or have we reached the pinnacle of P2P’s success?

Pablo: I think that people working at Open Source projects are doing a really great job. I tried to put my work in the Gnutella project some time before Blubster, but it was a bit chaotic to get your ideas heard. I foresee a bunch of networks, with a clear trend to specialize in some kind of content. When one of those networks will prove enough scalability and reliability to provide all kind of content sharing for an unlimited user base, we will have a winner.

ZP: Anything you want to say to’s Users about Blubster or anything else in the world?

Pablo: I would like to say a big Thank you to Zeropaid. I still remember when Blubster was like two weeks old and some people here began talking about it. Also, some of you may be waiting for Blubster 2.0 to join us… We would love see you registering at, as you would receive an email as soon as Blubster 2.0 will be out.

So there you have it folks, Pablo from Blubster! Hope you enjoyed!