Anti-Piracy Propoganda Videos Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

A collection of humor to start your day.

Every now and then I come across some anti-piracy videos that seemingly lack all sense of normalcy or even common sense for that matter.

I mean who remembers “Don’t Copy that Floppy!” and the awesome soundtrack?

In any case here’s a few more that I stumbled upon this morning and decided to share with you.


“Copyright is a Matter of Fact”

Probably the creepiest of them all, it has a branding iron-wielding demon who wishes to permanently mark evil pirates I guess. It’s very weird and I’m still not sure I understand what they’re trying to say. Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did.

“Operation Terminate Piracy”

This one’s pretty funny, with motorcycle riding Jackie Chan and Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger dodging flaming cars and car wrecks as they pursue evil pirates I presume.


This one’s an “anti-piracy” ad that mourns and reflects on the financial losses that some of Hollywood’s biggest media moguls have suffered over the years thanks to piracy.

“PSA Illegal Downloading Parody”

There are two versions of this one, and I guarantee the last one will make you laugh your head off.

Version #1

Version #2