Australian Christian Lobby “Disappointed” with Net Filter Delay

Australian Christian Lobby “Disappointed” with Net Filter Delay

Considering it wants the filter to be revisited in 3 years to possibly extend it to “deal with other harmful X and R-rated material on the Internet,” its “disappointment” is a good thing.

The Australian Christian Lobby is “disappointed” the govt has delayed plans to impose a “voluntary mandatory” Internet filtering regime to “protect children.” The plan, which initially targeted child pornography, was later revised to include “inappropriate content” and “offensive and illegal material” on the list, as well as P2P traffic, and even otherwise legal pornography.

The group has been pushing for Internet filtering for some time now. They first wanted the govt to “mandatorily block in the first instance pornography and R18+, and then provide an opt-in system for those adults who want to access it.”

However, last December it made the extraordinary demand that any Net filter be reviewed after three years to possibly extend it to “deal with other harmful X and R-rated material on the Internet.”

That’s right – R-rated material.

ACL’s Managing Director Jim Wallace said at the time that in an era where children are growing up using the Internet for both education and entertainment it is crucial that Internet safeguards be “provided, and extended in scope to provide even better protection.”

Critics like the Australian Democrat Party have pointed out that the plan establishes a bad precedent for allowing the Government to control the flow of information before it reaches households, and that it’s hard to imagine this and future governments would be able to resist the temptation to add content to the list when lobbied by powerful business, religious, or social group lobbies.

The ACL proves their worst fears are true.

Wallace, responding to news of the govt’s delay of the Net filter, expressed, as I mentioned before, his “disappointment” with the news, and would like to see the Labor Party fulfill the promise it made before the last election.

“The minister has done an excellent job on this…and I would like to see it legislated because it was an election promise,” he said.

The real solution in all of this is parenting. Parents are the best Net filters available.

Stay tuned.

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