Swedish Police to Shut Down the Pirate Bay?

Expected to classify the BitTorrent tracker site as a child pornography site next week in an update to its blocklist that most Swedish ISPs voluntarily respect.

In a heads up from Brokep over at the Pirate Bay, it seems that Swedish Police will add the Pirate Bay to a list of child porn sites that Swedish ISPs voluntarily block customers from visiting.

Swedish Police have apparently stated that “…it’s not decided that we’ll put The Pirate Bay in the list – if the content is still there next week we’ll put them there,’ but considering they never even took the time to contact the Pirate Bay in the first place to verify the allegations its seems that the outcome of the case has been preordained.

In a blog posting Brokep writes:

If the police would find anything wrong – shouldn’t they first contact us, then bring us in for questioning regarding the content, ask for our help or bring us to court for our wrongdoings?
By not acting this way it’s very clear what this is all about. It’s all about quieting a voice that is really uncomfortable for them since they don’t have any legal standpoint in doing it. It’s sabotage, it’s abuse of power given to them.

It will forever make our site associated with something as disgusting as child porn. They are labelling us – without being even tried for it in a legal system, remember – as having something to do with child porn!

So who’s abusing children? It’s the police, for using the same filtering system as to protect them, to gain from it themselves. For them, it’s good that children get abused, so they can shut down sites they don’t like. Yes, it sounds sick, but this is the way it has become.

I hope that the Swedish ISPs will take action against this and stop using the childporn filter! And that’s a bad thing because it could have some good effects, but they decided to go a bit too far with their filtering.

It’s no secret that baseless child porn rumors have been swirling around the Pirate Bay for sometime, with many, including myself, noticing the hands of a larger effort at work to tarnish their reputation and to make an association for which there is no real basis in fact.

In a response to the development Rick Falkvinge, Swedish Pirate Party leader blasts the blatant abuse of the voluntary child-pornography site blocking compliance system, writing that “This is a devastatingly ignorant abuse of the trust relationship between the Internet world and the Police that was created in order to stop child pornography.”

“It also also undermines the legitimacy of the child porn filter. This filter is not intended for subjective use by government officials to close down undesirable sites which do not break any laws.
Once given the means to shut down unwanted sites, the Police uses the filter to shut down the Pirate Bay after the failed attempt last year. And just like last year, through abuse of procedure,” he adds.

Brokep also points out the insanity of the charges being leveled, noting that “TPB is the most visible place there is. People that distribute stuff like this put it on darknets and I would think they know that the risk of getting caught putting stuff on a public system like The Pirate Bay is really huge. It’s sexual suicide!”

What Brokep has to say makes complete sense in my opinion and it stuns me that the Swedish Police could have been convinced otherwise. These monsters who trade child porn do so not in the public realm where they could so easily be caught. Of all the places to exchange this sort of trash I’m almost positive the WORLD”S LARGEST BITTORRENT TRACKER SITE, with tens of millions of prying eyes on it at any given moment would be the last place they would choose. Now I’m no detective but, I can tell when something’s fishy.

Let’s just hope the Swedish Police give the Pirate Bay a chance to prove their case and we don’t see the image below next week.