Michael Moore’s new documentary “Sicko” leaked on BitTorrent

Won’t have to worry about copies getting seized by the Feds after all as his new controversial film makes its way around BitTorrent tracker sites everywhere.

A couple of days ago it was reported that Michael Moore had decided to stash a copy of his latest and greatest documentary “Sicko,” an apparently scathing expose on the US healthcare system, in Canada just in case the Feds decided to confiscate it.

He feared such a seizure because of the fact that part of the documentary was filmed in Cuba without proper authorization from the US Treasury Department. Its illegal for US citizens to travel to Cuba because of a trade embargo in place since 1962.

Moore insists he hasn’t broken any laws because he traveled to Cuba for a “journalistic endeavor.”

“We brought back 15 minutes of the movie and we’re concerned about any possible confiscation efforts,” Moore told a news conference in New York.

“We took measures a few weeks ago to place a master copy of this film in Canada so if they did take our negative we would have a duplicate negative of this film in Canada.”

Well, it would seem his concerns are no longer warranted because a DVDSCR of the film, the most magical download of them all(Oscar season anyone?), has appeared on BitTorrent tracker sites for all the world to see.

So now, even if the Treasury Dept does decide to seize his film, it looks like there will be plenty of copies to go around.

Moore’s stance on file-sharing is that it’s okay so as long people aren’t profiting from it. He feels that the message behind his films are what’s most importnat, and that he does well enough financially that he’s more concerned with spreading ideas than he is with ensuring that everybody properly pays to hear them.

You gotta love P2P.