Mathew Caughron of Newtella

Zeropaid: First off, what makes Newtella worth downloading?

Newtella: Newtella puts you directly in touch with your friends on the internet who
want to share their music. In a nutshell, Newtella gives you the
“Freedom to Share.” That’s Newtella Inc.’s motto.

Zeropaid-reader answer:
Newtella will give you the best chance at finding MP3 content in the gnutella network
because we’re in the process of optimizing hostcaches at for other gnutella users with MP3 files.

Zeropaid: Can you explain what makes Newtella different from gnutella and other
file sharing applications?

Newtella: First Newtella is more secure, since it cannot be used to distribute
executable files and visual basic scripts and the like. Newtella
automatically connects, so there is no hunting for IP numbers when you
want to log on to the network. Finally, Newtella is optimized for people
who want to trade MP3 files. There are other benefits too, such as the
user interface etc., but those are the main differences.

Zeropaid: Why does Newtella only search for mp3’s? Are you trying to replace Napster?

Newtella: People might think of Newtella as a Napster clone, but it isn’t really.
Newtella is based on a fully distributed system and we intend to keep it
that way. Napster, as you probably already know, is a hybrid between
peer-to-peer and client-server technology.

Zeropaid: Is Newtella the solution for the problems that are crippling the current gnutella network?

I noticed while running Newtella, some connections consumed over 7k per/sec.
Are 56k users able to use Newtella?

Newtella: Here the situation is very similar to Napster. Dial-up users will need
to have a lot more patience than cable-modem and DSL users. We’re
looking into doing what we can to assist in the solution to dialups
limiting search request proliferation and are in ongoing active
development on Newtella.

Zeropaid: How does Newtella Inc. plan on making a profit? Can you outline your business plan for us?

Newtella: Unfortunately, we can’t comment on the company’s business model at this
point. However, we will be sure to let Zeropaid be one of the first news sites to know once this information can be made public.

What’s the future of file sharing? Can a decentralized network survive?

The web is file-sharing. HTML is a protocol for transferring and
displaying files, after all. I’ll assume here that you are asking about
non-web-based file sharing? Decentralized networks will work best, of
course, with discrete files and well defined protocols.

Zeropaid: Can a company “survive” in a decentralized web economy?

Newtella: Specialization is a driving force in business. If a company is good at
something, then it is rewarded for doing that.

EBay is good at auctions, Dell is good at putting computers together,
Apple is good at building innovative hardware, Yahoo is good at making
things accessible, Google is good at making things to find, AOL is good
at getting end-users online, etc. These companies won’t go away any time
soon, especially if they continue to do what people have come to expect
from them and the demands for what the provide remain in place.

Although a lot of things on the internet are heading towards
decentralization, there are basic human behaviours which reward
specialization. Newtella aims to be a music sharing program.

Zeropaid: Do you have a plan to compensate artists for downloads?

Newtella: Yes, we certainly want fans to be able to connect directly with their
favorite artists and appropriately compensate them. The details of this
system are being worked out and most likely the amount paid could be
controlled by the end user. In other words, the user will be able to choose how much to pay to the musicians.

Zeropaid: RIAA or Napster and why?

Newtella: I see you’ve saved the best question for last. (laughs) In the music
industry there are two kinds of widely disseminated content distribution
systems. One of those is radio, and the other is physical distribution
of compact discs. We look at Newtella as being on the radio side, moreso
than on the CD side of music distribution.

Newtella gives new artists
and musicians an unprecedented and real opportunity to get their music
out there to be listened to by the world. That’s pretty exciting. I’m
not sure how Napster looks at what they do, or how the RIAA is
interpreting their role.