How To Get Free Ringtones

Tired of paying for ringtones? Well here are the best 5 ways to get free ringtones for your cell phone all for free. You might be surprised at how easy it is to get free ringtones.

Use your own music, photos, pictures, and animations to create free ringtones and graphics: online, without needing software via This site makes it very easy to create ringtones for your cell phone and even delivers the ringtone to your mobile phone for free. Mobile17 has delivered over 5 million ringtones to it’s users!


Make your own ringtones

This is my preferred method of creating ringtones, I have access to all my music and can control the sampling for the ringtone. Currently I use which is an easy to use editor my music files. There are plenty of audio editing tools that allow you to sample mp3 files, just look on Google: .

All you have to do is select the part of the song you want to use as your ringtone and save it to your computer. Not all phones let you upload custom ringtones to your phone, so check your phone for upload capacity and also check out which type of format your phone supports as not all phones support mp3 ringtones.

I own a Treo 700w and I can easily put ringtones on my phone, I will never buy another phone that doesn’t allow this as this is the best feature on my phone to date.

Use P2P/File Sharing

The best unrecognized method of finding ringtones for free! Most torrent sites have these available, all you have to do is search for ‘ringtone’ and you will get plenty of results. However, your phone will have to support custom ringtones.

Why purchasing ringtones is not always the best choice

Last year I bought over 15 ringtones from Verizon’s ringtone store, when I went to upgrade my phone I was notified that I could not transfer my purchased songs to my new phone. This really got me upset, I was upset at the fact that even though I had legally purchased the ringtones, I could not transfer them to another device or even get credit for the ringtones I purchased. I almost left Verizon because of this. I feel that if you purchase CD’s or even purchase ringtones you should be able to transfer the files to other phones if they support them. I support artists all the way, I just to be able take advantage of my purchasing power and harness the music like I should be able to.