Paying For What?

Paying For What?

The best place to start is the beginning of online music. Soon after porno files first crept online, music soon followed. The forms of online illegal music has taken many forms from midi files, wav files, streaming files , and the infamous lil mp3. All of these file types throughout the years have been a target of the Recording Industry to cleanse the Internet of the “threat” to their industry. The RIAA in the past I have seen first hand as they took down millions of web pages, music programs like mp3 encoders and everything else they considered a threat. The RIAA didn’t seek to use new technologies to their advantage ever and so that trend continues today. Mp3 files have always been free and widely traded legally or not and that will continue no matter what happens.

The RIAA and other companies want to start to charge for mp3 files. I don’t think online music is worth money. The music in stores a person pays for shipping, packaging, and a nice plastic coaster called a CD. Why pay from five to fifteen dollars to buy the digital rights to a few songs when you don’t receive a physical product. Isn’t that what buying is all about you trade money to get a physical product. Music can not exist in any form and music exists the same form in reality and online. Music is just a combination of digital code, zeroes and ones lined up in a fashion to produce music. It doesn’t matter if its burned into a plastic disk or etched in a hard drive.

Also online music is not reliable as a CD because in one instance your computer can crash and you can lose your entire music collection. What would happen in the future, would the person have to pay again for the music they already paid for but lost due to computer failure. Also music is available for free from numerous sources and the RIAA will never be able to shut them all down, but that doesn’t mean the RIAA will stand by and make music trading easy. They will still shut down all the popular places and most people will complain but that’s how its done. Be grateful for what you got while you could.

With that said I would like to make clear that the majority of people who can afford it would pay the Artists but not the recording companies themselves. I like the music I want the artist to get the money and not the RIAA. That is fair and that is really what most want. I want to know what I am paying 20 dollars for before I start blindly shelling out money. The pay for online system will fail unless all the money goes to the artist.

Today in America almost all cultural is manufactured by big multi-national and multi-billion dollar corporations. It has its benefits in that with big bucks glamorous movies and music can be produced. But like a corporation it has no soul. Music is a piece of the artists own soul trapped in a series of musical notes on paper. But most music today isn’t made by the artist themselves, they pay other people to help write the music that they sing or they use other artists work and just re-sing it which is becoming more and more popular. That is not culture, that is crap.

Musicians today could benefit a great deal online. Many artists don’t know anything about the Internet I mean during the whole Napster saga many artists called Napster a web page, when its a program. Many artists prefer traditional methods and are skeptical in trying new methods. Even if the artist benefited a little the recording industry would benefit the most. They would no longer have to pay shipping or packaging costs which means more profit. The artist themselves would not be able to break away from the labels and work independently online because the music companies will play such a big role in legal file sharing programs that the artists would not be able to get any support or afford any marketing online at all. And even if they were successful they would get paid very little than from a label band.

I looked around in the music store and when I was in the middle I looked up and looked around at row upon row of CDs. Then I realized that I was surrounded by many great bands but because they weren’t marketed enough by their label they will never accomplish their greatest potential, they would never get the credit they deserve. Then I thought to myself would their music company do any different to promote the band if this was the Internet and after a while I thought to myself no they wouldn’t. Because music will never gain the respect it deserves while corporations are involved.