Playjack for Chrome Turns YouTube into Music Streaming Service

Playjack for Chrome Turns YouTube into Music Streaming Service

Playjack extension for Google Chrome lets you search, play, and organize YouTube music videos to create the ultimate free music player.

I’ve already mentioned tons of free online music streaming services, and new ones seem to appear all the time. Yet, YouTube is always overlooked when it comes to the subject because the site incorporates video as well.

Playjack is a Chrome extension that might just make you rethink your opinion of YouTube as a bona fide free music streaming service. Playjack lets you search, play, share, and organize a world of music videos like never before.

“You’ve tried Pandora and Grooveshark, now try Playjack,” writes the developer. “Powered by billions of videos from YouTube, you can find anything you want. Keep videos playing one after another using a playlist or the infinite streaming mode. Use Playjack to watch videos or as your free music player.”

With Playjack you can:

1. Search billions of YouTube videos
2. Play a single playlist or create a stream of videos
3. Subscribe to keywords and channels for new daily content
4. Organize your favorite videos in a playlist
5. Share videos on Facebook and Twitter

So how does it work?

Once installed, used the search query box to find artists you want to hear. As you type the name it will display related content.

Videos appear as neatly organized thumbnails for easy viewing and playback.

On the left you’ll notice categories of content which includes: today’s mashup, trending and popular, recently viewed, music, gaming, sports, animation, entertainment, and even news and politics.

Content you wish to view opens and displays in a stunning fullscreen environment with easy-to-use playback controls.

What do you think?

Stay tuned.

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