Top 5 Chrome Browser Security Extensions

Top 5 Chrome Browser Security Extensions

A round up of the top 5 extensions for Chrome browser that will help ensure safe browsing experience.

Over the last few years use of Google’s Chrome has surged to make up 35.7% of the browser market, and it’s growing fast. It’s the 2nd safest browser on the market (for now) behind (gulp) Internet Explorer 10, but there are ways to make it even safer and more secure.

With tons of security extensions to choose from I chose what I consider to be the top 5 Chrome browser security extensions around.

1. AdBlock

I’ve listed this as the first one on purpose. AdBlock for Chrome! blocks nearly all  advertisements on all web pages, including Facebook, Youtube, and even Google search. And for those it doesn’t, you can right-click and choose to have the panels the ads are placed in blocked from view.

Customize blocking is available, so you can unblock individual sites, and even individual pages on sites.

2. Flashblock

One of the more annoying practices of many sites is to automatically load and play flash content. These videos contain ads, clips, and other stuff that can dramatically slow down your PC and expose you to potential security concerns. Flashblock stops the practice in its tracks, replacing each once with a placeholder that allows you to play them only when you want to.

 3. Web of Trust (WOT)

Web of Trust, one of Chrome’s most popular extensions, helps you find trustworthy websites based on millions of users’ experiences. It uses traffic lights to show you which sites you can trust for safe browsing, shopping, and searching.

“WOT ratings are powered by millions of users who rate websites based on their experiences,” says the developers. “Third-party sources are also used to warn you about malware and other technical threats. You will see a green, yellow or red icon next to search results when you use Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, on links in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and other popular sites like Wikipedia.”

WOT is a must-have for secure browsing.

4. Click & Clean

This Chrome extension is a powerful tool for cleaning up your browser and PC at the same time. It deletes typed URLs, cache, cookies, temp downloads, LSOs, and more with a single click. Choose from three types of different cleaning modes.

5. BugMeNot Lite

One of the more annoying, and frankly unsafe practices, of some websites is to demand that you create an account, and then go about tracking your access history across the Internet. What the BugMeNot Lite Chrome extension does is bypass compulsory web registration.

Simply click on BugMeNot Lite icon in the bookmark bar or press Ctrl+i when a registration form is displayed to automatically fill login and password fields with anonymous information.