Hide My Ass VPN: Setup and Installation Guide

1. Download and install Hide My Ass Pro VPN

2. Open, enter your login credentials, and choose a VPN location to connect to.

Here you can see I chose a server in Italy. Unsure? choose the “random server” option. Notice how you can schedule to have your IP address change at a desired interval for extra security.

3. The “IP Address Settings” tab is where you can schedule to have your IP address change at a desired interval for extra security and also verify your IP address.

4. Under Secure IP Bind you can “force specified applications to only work when you’re behind” the VPN connection. If it disconnects for whatever reason then desired applications will “fail to work.” It’s a great option for BitTorrent.

5. For faster connection speeds you can check the “Speed Guide” to see what servers are fastest based on your distance from them and protocols available.

All in all Hide My Ass’ Pro VPN is a pretty solid VPN service. I especially like the Secure IP Bind feature which you don’t see many VPN services offer.

Pricing? Right now Hide My Ass’ Pro VPN will only set you back $11.52 for a month, $49.99 for 6 months, and $78.66 for one year. With the year subscription package you can protect yourself online for a little over a measly $6 a month.

Download Hide My Ass Pro VPN