Voddler Takes It’s Video Streaming and Sharing Service Global

Voddler Takes It’s Video Streaming and Sharing Service Global

Voddler, often described as Sweden’s Spotify for video, has announced that it will extend its service to the rest of the world in the upcoming weeks.

Until today Voddler’s film and TV streaming service has only been available to users in Scandinavia and Spain. In the upcoming week, CEO and founder Marcus Bäcklund has announced that the service will extend out to the rest of Europe and Russia and eventually make its way to the rest of the world afterwards.

For those unfamiliar with Voddler, the  company offers two services called LiveShelf and ViewShare, both based on a peer-to-peer serverless architecture. LiveShelf gives users a wide selection of videos that they can rent or buy. Currently there are around 5,000 videos from major film studios and more added every year. Users can view these titles on all major mobile, tablet PC and TV screens. ViewShare, on the other hand, allows users to share this content with others. Users can use this service for free, though they are limited to 10 users that they can view, or pay $6.50/month for unlimited access to all of users. Voddler currently has 18 other patents for Vnet streaming technology.

Currently, Voddler has around 1.2 millions and its video catalog has had 18 million streams since 2011. On its own, the service has reported $3 million in revenues since launch and has raised $31 million in venture capitalist funding from investors. As many other streaming companies, like Spotify and Rdio, have demonstrated the power of the service is not in its margins but in its scale. This is one of the many reasons that Voddler decided to expand their services worldwide. Luckily, Voddler’s technology makes it simple to expand geographically and efficiently. While they technically could have been available earlier, it is only recently that they have managed to secure the content relationships to take Voddler to new markets.

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