Stealthy: Chrome Extension to Unblock Blocked Sites

Stealthy: Chrome Extension to Unblock Blocked Sites

Chrome extension allows you to visit any website currently blocked by work, your ISP, govt or anybody else; access Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Pandora, and any other site.

The Internet is being filtered like never before, and individuals are always on the lookout for ways to circumvent network restrictions. I’ve already mentioned a couple of general means for “How to Unblock YouTube, Facebook at Work” along with “How to Bypass ISP Filters and Access the Pirate Bay in the UK,” and the latest means to grab my attention is a Chrome extension called Stealthy.

What makes Stealthy so interesting is that it was originally developed to facilitate the dissemination of information during the Arab Spring.

“With stealthy you’ll get access to the entire Internet,” notes the developer. ” No restrictions. No limitations. Get past all country or organizational limitations, restrictions, forbidden sites. Basically, you’ll be like a spy, able to get through all areas, undetected.”

“Even if your intents aren’t quite as revolutionary, you’ll still be able to visit sites that you normally can’t because of your location, like YouTube videos from Germany, Pandora from outside the US or iPlayer from outside the UK,” notes the developer.

Stealthy is a simple, user-friendly add-on that lets you visit websites that are restricted based on geographical location, governmental or organizational regulations.

Stealthy is also available for Firefox.

Stay tuned.

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