SoundCloud Downloader: Download Music from NEW SoundCloud Site

SoundCloud Downloader: Download Music from NEW SoundCloud Site

SoundCloud Downloader adds a download link to all music tracks on the new SoundCloud website interface.

Its been a few months now since SoundCloud rolled out a revamped version of its music sharing and discovery site. Much to the dismay of many, the new version immediately rendered a number of userscripts worthless, leaving only third party sites and tools to do the job.

A while back I wrote a guide apropos to this titled “How to Download Music From SoundCloud” that detailed two different means to download music from SoundCloud: and JDownloader. Both of these methods require either software installation, as is the case for the latter, or visiting a third-party site, as is the case with the former.

Now an extension for Google’s Chrome browser called SoundCloud Downloader has been launched that reintroduces a download link to each music track on the new site.



SoundCloud Downloader works just as the userscript by the same name did on the earlier version, and even downloads music files with the appropriate track and artist names.

So how does it work? It’s simple.

1. Download and install SoundCloud Downloader for Google Chrome (download Google Chrome here if you haven’t already)

2. Find your favorite music track and click the download link. 

So what do you think? Is SoundCloud Downloader something you would use on the new SoundCloud site?

Stay tuned.

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