BitTorrent Surf: Chrome Extension for Searching, Downloading Torrents in Your Browser

BitTorrent Surf: Chrome Extension for Searching, Downloading Torrents in Your Browser

New extension for Google Chrome browser makes it even easier to search for and download movies, music, games, TV shows, and more.

The ever innovative minds over at BitTorrent Inc. have launched a new extension called BitTorrent Surf for Google’s Chrome browser that makes it easier than ever before to find and download torrents online.

“For the past six months, we’ve been working on a new web client alpha,” the Surf development team writes in a blog post. “Today, we’re excited to invite you to try it. Say hi to Surf. And start downloading content, directly from your browser. ”

Download BitTorrent Surf (Chrome Web Store)

What BitTorrent Surf does is allow you to search for AND download content right in Chrome without having to visit a BitTorrent tracker site OR having to launched a standalone BitTorrent client – BitTorrent Surf does them both!

“Surf’s powerful integrated search function allows for site auto-detection,” it adds. “Know what you like already? Awesome. Custom discovery’s built in. Save your favorite sites, and use them to create your own combined engine. ”

So how does it work? Let’s run BitTorrent Surf through the paces.

1. First download and install BitTorrent Surf (and the Chrome browser if you haven’t already). You’ll notice three icons when you select the extension the toolbar. Click the search query configuration icon – the globe and magnifying glass – so we can setup what tracker sites we want BitTorrent Surf to search for content.

2. Click “Add Site from URL” and then enter the address of your favorite BitTorrent tracker site. In this case I used a Pirate Bay proxy site –

Select “Add Site” and then “Done” to save these settings.

3. Now enter a search query for the item you’re looking for.

4. Let’s look for episodes of “Family Guy.”

5. Once you find the episode you want select the download icon to the right of the torrent.

6. When the torrent has completed downloading select the folder icon to view the file.

It’s that easy. With BitTorrent Surf you don’t have hassle with visiting tracker sites and then loading them into uTorrent or whatever BitTorrent Client you may use; just click, search, and download.

For those that want to keep everything aboveboard you can also configure BitTorrent Surf to solely search legal sites like the Internet Archive. You can also use the default settings and canvass the vast search engine results of Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

“Surf’s still in its early stages,” continue’s the Surf Team. “Your feedback and input will help us build something sick. So, get your feet wet. Try it out. Put it to work. And let us know what you think.”

So what do you think? I know I’m an instant fan.