Demonoid Still Down, but Tracker Returns – from Hong Kong

Demonoid Still Down, but Tracker Returns – from Hong Kong

Famed BitTorrent site begins to show signs of life with the tracker now up and running once again.

It’s been 5 long months since Demonoid was shutdown, and it was starting to seem as though we’d never see her again. Now, thanks to the continuing efforts of the hard working Demonoid admin crew, we’re beginning to see some signs of life from the much-missed tracker site.

Trouble for Demonoid started back in late July with a mysterious DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. As users waited things out the news grow more worrisome with reports that authorities in the Ukraine had shut it down as a gift to appease US copyright concerns.

And as time went by, the news kept getting increasingly dim as reports surfaced that there was a raid in Mexico with many operators getting arrested. As if to finally seal the site’s fate, the domain name was eventually put up for sale.

Now as badly as things looked, this recent episode wasn’t the first time Demonoid had been knocked offline, and so many users were still quietly optimistic. Back in late 2007 a Canadian ISP caved to pressure by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) and discontinued server rental to the site. It relocated to Malaysia a few months later and things returned to normal.

It later avoided a potential run-in with US’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement by switching domains from .COM to .ME.

The trouble with this latest brushup were reports that the DDoS attacked had turned into an “exploit of sorts” which in turned caused an unknown amount of damage and data loss.

Amazingly, the tracker is now up and running even though the site itself is still down, and thanks to the “graciousness” of Ukrainian authorities running the site out of town, it appears as though Demonoid has jumped ship to Hong Kong.

Stay tuned.

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