What is Hotspot Shield? Free VPN for Protecting Web Traffic

What is Hotspot Shield? Free VPN for Protecting Web Traffic

Anchor Free’s free Hotspot Shield VPN service allows you to visit blocked websites, protects your web traffic from hackers and prying eyes, and allows you to surf the web anonymously.

VPNs have long been a popular tool for encrypting Internet traffic, and for good reason. The Internet always has and always will be plagued by challenges to content access and data security. VPNs help to solve the problem by creating “virtual” encrypted connections routed through the Internet to remote servers, ensuring that data traveling between you and those servers is encrypted, and that the  IP address that will appear while surfing or downloading content from the Internet will be that of the server and not your own.

Now some VPNs charge a subscription for their services, but not Anchor Free. Anchor Free provides a free ad-supported Hotspot Shield VPN service that provides the security, privacy, and freedom of a VPN service without the monthly fee.

Hotspot Shield is one of the more popular free VPN services around because of its generous data allowance and ease of installation and use, providing a relatively generous 10GB monthly limit with no bandwidth limitations.

“Hotspot Shield VPN from Anchor Free is the world’s most trusted Internet security solution,” boasts the company. “With over 75 million downloads, Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows secures more Windows machines than any other competitor VPNs.”

Hotspot Shield VPN for secures your web traffic, protects your online identity from criminals and prying eyes, encrypts passwords, online shopping information, chats, and even downloads.

In regions that censor the web, Hotspot Shield acts as a secure gateway to the world’s information, disrupting censorship, and democratizing the web. Expats, travelers, and locals in countries with censorship, use Hotspot Shield to gain completely free and uncensored access to the world’s information.

I myself am among the expats who use Hotspot Shield on a daily basis thanks to overzealous Internet censors they have around the globe like here in Korea. I mean who’s really being protected by blocking sites like Funny or Die, Buzzfeed, or even TMZ? It’s plain ridiculous, and Hotspot Shield is a very convenient solution.

“We believe that everybody deserves to be secure, free & private online. Just like having a door and a lock at home, you should have protection when surfing the web, buying things online, communicating with friends or searching,” adds the company. “At home or away, everybody’s online activities are their business and should be controlled by them, by users of the web, not by third parties.”

Moreover, Hotspot Shield VPN protects your IP address from snoopers, hackers, and overbearing ISPs to allow anonymous web surfing with complete privacy.

With Hotspot Shield you can…

  • Unblock Websites: Bypass Internet filters that restrict access to Facebook, YouTube or any other site at work, school or even at home. It’s great for accessing frequently blocked BitTorrent sites like The Pirate Bay.
  • Surf Anonymously: Conceal your location from not only snoopers but also from your own ISP. You are able to browse the internet as an anonymous user in complete privacy. Hackers have no chance to track you back to your computer with Hotspot Shield.
  • Public Wi-Fi Protection: Public Wi-Fi hotspots are where most malicious online attacks take place. Unprotected users risk losing their online identity, passwords, credit card information and other sensitive data at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and airports. Hotspot Shield encrypts your network traffic so that neither snoopers nor ISPs are able to monitor, track or intercept your web activity.

Better still is that Hotspot Shield is quick and easy to get up and running and requires no complicated software configuration as do other VPN services. Simply install the program and it does the rest. Use the system tray icon to turn it on or off whenever you wish.

Hotspot Shield is available for Mac, Windows, and even mobile Android and iOS devices.

The free version is ad-supported, but you can pay $29.95 per year for an upgraded version to have them removed. Download now.

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