7 Top iOS Emergency Apps

7 Top iOS Emergency Apps

As Hurricane Sandy strikes, we’ve created a list of the seven top apps that can provide news, help and advice in an emergency situation.

Hurricane Sandy might bearing down on the East Coast, but it’s not too late to download apps that could be useful in an emergency situation. We’ve created a list of seven iOS emergency apps that might help you out in a sticky situation, so take a look at the suggestions below to see what could be useful.

Hurricane Tracker – $2.99

Hurricane Tracker provides the latest updates during a hurricane situation. As well as push alerts, you can use the app to get audio and video updates, view over 60 maps, including threat level maps, and stay updated with every single bulletin issued by the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane enthusiasts will love the amount of meteorological detail you can get from this app, while those who are within a potential hurricane path will appreciate the real-time updates and access to the latest news and information.

Survival Pocket Ref – $0.99

Survival Pocket Ref is a reference app that provides basic, but useful, information on survival, first aid and recovery. Primarily designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this app also contains facts and features that are useful during an emergency too. With over 500 pages of content, users can learn how to survive in hot and cold climates, carry out first aid procedures, identify edible and medicinal plants and find food and water in an emergency.

WikiHow: How To and DIY Survival Kit – Free

The WikiHow app is a compendium of the website’s 14,000 articles on survival. Including first aid, vehicle emergencies, natural disasters home emergencies, this app is a library of useful information. Admittedly, some of the articles describe highly unlikely scenarios (how to control a spooked camel, anyone?) but at least it will make for entertaining reading if the power goes out.

Hurricane by American Red Cross – Free

This app is designed by aid agency the American Red Cross to help iOS users affected by hurricanes or other severe weather. The app provides up-to-date news, reports and enables you to monitor hurricane-based reports.

In addition to real-time data, you can use the app to find out what steps you should take before, during and after a hurricane or severe storm to protect yourself and your home. The app contains a data library that is available even when your cell is offline.

Other features include the ability to search for Red Cross shelters in your area, customize an “I’m safe” tweet and Facebook message to send to friends and family, and learn how to deal with food and water shortages and power outages after severe weather.

ICE Standard – Free

ICE Standard is the kind of app you hope you never have to use, but if you do, you’ll be glad you downloaded it. Especially useful for people with pre-existing medical conditions, ICE Standard is a digital record of your personal and medical information.

The app is designed to act as a backup to a physical ICE card is color-coded to give emergency crews immediate data about your health. The card shows up red if you have severe allergies or existing conditions, yellow if you’re taking medications and green if there are no known health complications that could affect the kind of medical care you receive.

GotoAID First Aid – $4.99

GotoAID First Aid provides immediate First Aid data and advice relating to adults, children, cats and dogs. Designed to help you attend to all family members in an emergency (even the furry ones), GotoAID also contains a section on disaster preparedness and what to do before, during and after an emergency. The app is especially designed for non-professionals, so you can expect down-to-earth jargon-free advice.

Your Plan – Free

More useful before a natural or man-made disaster strikes, Your Plan comes with a series of tools and features that help you prepare your home and family for an impending natural disaster. The app comes with pre-loaded checklists that help you prepare what steps you would take in a variety of scenarios. You can share completed or semi-completed checklists with other iOS users so your family and friends are kept in the loop.

Your Plan isn’t necessarily going to help if you’re currently dealing with an emergency, but it’s a great way to ensure you’ve taken all the necessary preparation steps well in advance so you know how you would keep yourself, your family and your home safe during a natural disaster.


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