Chrome Extensions for a Better Browsing Experience

Chrome Extensions for a Better Browsing Experience

A list of six Chrome extensions that give you a more pleasurable online experience, whatever the internet throws at you.

Chrome is a great browser: it has few of the quirks or bugs that Safari and IE experience and it comes with a variety of extensions that range from useful to fun to just plain weird. Some of these extensions perform functions that are so subtle, you might not even realize that they’re helpful until you hear about them. Here is a list of six Chrome extensions that are designed to make your browsing experience more pleasurable.

Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline used to be a Gmail Labs feature and is now only available as a Beta app through the Chrome extension store. With this extension installed and activated, you can browse, reply to and archive emails even when you’re offline. All the changes you make will be automatically synchronized when you next get online. The Gmail Offline appearance is based on Gmail’s tablet interface so you get to enjoy an uncluttered browser while you catch up on your correspondence.

Ad Block

Ad Block pretty much does what it says on the tin and blocks adverts all over your Chrome browser. The extension works on all web pages, including big offenders like YouTube, Hulu and Facebook, so you can enjoy browsing the web without being bombarded by advertisements left, right and center. The extension works automatically once you’ve added it to your browser.

Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights introduces a cinematic effect to your browser. When you’re watching videos, this extension dims the screen around the video so you can focus on the clip without getting distracted by adverts or items on the rest of the browser. You can control how bright or dim the screen is, and use the extension with online photo albums on sites like Picasa.

XMarks Bookmarks Sync

XMarks Bookmarks Sync enables you to backup and sync your bookmarks across multiple browsers, computers and devices. You can also use the extension to synchronize your open tabs across different browsers too. Once installed, all you have to do is click the X symbol to start syncing. A version of this service is also available for Firefox and Safari.

in my words

If you find yourself getting fed up with ‘internet speak’, this extension is for you. in my words allows you to replace key words or acronyms with words or phrases of your own choosing. For example, you can request that the extension change all instances of “LOL” to “very funny”. Once you’ve set up a command, the extension will automatically replace the offending text on any web page with your chosen substitute, resulting in less eye-rolling and happier browsing all around.

Comment Snob

Like in my words, Comment Snob is designed to shield you from the less savory aspects (and users) of the internet. When activated, this extension filters out unsavory comments from the web so you can maintain your faith in humanity, even on notorious troll-fests like YouTube. Using the extension, you can choose certain filters that decide whether a comment gets filtered or not. These range from “Excessive capitalization” to “Doesn’t start with a capital letter.” You can also filter out comments with spelling mistakes, excessive use of punctuation and profanity.


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