Top 10 BitTorrent Sites of 2012

Top 10 BitTorrent Sites of 2012

Roundup of some of the more popular BitTorrent download sites around for 2012.

Sadly, BitTorrent sites come and go, and it’s all part of the long-running game of whac-a-mole that copyright holders and law enforcement officials just don’t seem to understand. For every BitTorrent site that’s taken down at least two or more appear in it’s place.

And if it’s not an outright take down, it’s random DDoS attacks (usually against The Pirate Bay) that make it important for BitTorrent users to have at least a handful of backups in mind just in case.

In no particular order, here are few to keep in mind if you don’t use them regularly already.

1. The  Pirate Bay

What’s not to love? The site’s been going strong since 2003 and has survived many attempts to get rid of it. It has wide selection of content to choose from, and if it’s being blocked by your government or ISP there are tons of pirate bay proxies to choose from, making it even more difficult to harm.


Eztv specializes in TV torrents. If you missed the latest episode of your favorite TV show it’s the place to go. It has a big variation of television shows that are updated daily with new episodes. Features a nice clean look and a simple, easy to use interference.

3. Torrentz is a BitTorrent search engine, searching many of today’s most popular torrent sites. is much like Google, users can search through thousands of seeded torrents online instantly. You do not need to register to use Just search, click and download.

4. KickAss Torrents is a open torrent tracker offering all type of torrent files for download. lets you share links to torrent download pages with family and friends via Facebook, Google Buzz, Yahoo, eMail, and even Twitter. offers screenshots that let you take a sneak peek before you even download the torrent file, as well.


A “fast and user friendly bittorrent search engine, with milions of Video, Audio andSoftware torrents,” it offers a Verified section listing torrents by category that have been verified by users, making your downloading life much, much easier.

6. ISOHunt is one of the most comprehensive BitTorrent search engine on the web, indexing over 2 million torrents from trackers all over the world. does not classify torrents like many site do, rather think of isoHunt as the Google of torrent sites.

7. ExtraTorrent

The BitTorrent site bills itself as the “biggest bittorrent system” of its kind. It’s stated goal is to “provide an easy-to-use directory and search engine for all kind of torrent files.” Visitors of can upload torrents to this site, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker.

8. h33t

H33t is a public torrent tracker and file sharing forum site. Registration at is always open and free. Every torrent is verified with a description and other various meta data.

9. 1337x

Nothing particulalry special about this site, but it does have a good selection of torrents to choose from.


Another nice BitTorrent site that offers a great selection of torrents to choose from with  every thing from TV shows to video games.


Stay tuned.

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