RetroUI Lets PC Users Return to Windows’ Classic Desktop Appearance

RetroUI Lets PC Users Return to Windows’ Classic Desktop Appearance

RetroUI enables fazed Windows 8 users to revert back to the classic appearance without losing any of the additional features or benefits.

RetroUI is a tool that helps Windows users ease gently into Windows 8. Developed by Thinix, the software helps smooth the transition for those startled by the vast changes in Microsoft’s new operating system.

Once downloaded and installed, RetroUI causes your PC to revert to the classic Windows appearance each time you log in. You can freely switch between the classic set-up and the Windows 8 set-up, but the software gives you the chance to skip any Windows 8-related headaches and go straight to an operating system that’s more familiar.

To activate the classic desktop, all you have to do is log in. Afterwards, the classic desktop will appear each time you start your computer.

Times are Changing

Due to be released next month, Windows 8’s interface is a huge departure from previous Windows set-ups. Taking a leaf out of Apple’s book, Microsoft has abolished the start button of yesteryear, and instead replaced the start screen with a tiled display, which links to various apps, programs and features.

The cutesy-sounding Charms Bar appears as a vertical toolbar when summoned. This does provide access to a Start button, along with a range of other settings and admin-based features, but is hidden from view unless users move their cursor over one of the hotspots at the side of the screen.

The new OS has been developed using Microsoft’s own Metro coding language. Like Apple’s Mac OS, Windows 8 will have its own web app store, creatively called “Windows Store Apps”.

While the many changes Microsoft have made to the new OS look set to improve PC-lovers’ user experience, the depth of the interface changes could leave many users feeling like they’re using a different operating system altogether.

Bridging the Gap

RetroUI aims to smooth the transition between the classic Windows interface and the new Windows 8.

Useful for companies who don’t want to have to retrain their entire staff, and helpful for personal users who are unsure how long it’s going to take them to get to grips with the new system, RetroUI provides an easy way to adjust to the changes, step by step.

Even though the desktop appearance reverts back to the classic windows desktop, you still get all the benefits of the new OS, including improved security features. You can still use all the Metro UI functions, for example the Charms Bar, Hot Corners or Metro Switcher, or you can choose to eliminate or lock-out these features altogether.

The software is available as a free seven-day trial and then costs $4.95 for personal use on up to three computers.


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