7 Top Communication Apps that Save your Social Life and your Phone Bill

7 Top Communication Apps that Save your Social Life and your Phone Bill

Seven apps that let you call, text, video chat and send pictures for free.

With the rising popularity of smartphones, the age of paying for text messages and phone calls is dwindling. Money-conscious users who want to save on their cell phone bills can use a range of apps to send text and multimedia messages and make phone calls to their friends. Remember that most of these apps are free to download and use, but if you exceed your data allowance or are roaming when using them, you could be charged for doing so by your carrier. Therefore, it’s advisable to use these apps when in range of a wifi connection, where possible.


WhatsApp – $0.99

Even though it’s the only paid app on this list, WhatsApp is one of the most popular text communication apps on the market. It’s a cross-platform messaging app that enables you to send text messages, as well as share pictures, videos and your location with friends. The app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia. It doesn’t matter what network or platform your friends are using, it’s always free to send messages to other WhatsApp users.

HeyWire – Free

HeyWire allows US, Canada and China-based cell phone users to send text messages to over 45 different countries around the world. Texts to other HeyWire users are free around the world, and you can also send free texts to non-HeyWire users in selected countries. All texts to other phones in the US, Canada and China are free, and most phones in Mexico, South America, Central America and the Caribbean are also free. HeyWire is available on iOS, Android and Window Phones.

Phone calls

Magic Jack – Free

Magic Jack lets you make free calls to other Magic Jack users anywhere in the world. You can also make free calls to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers, wherever you are. The app works with iOS and can integrate directly with your contacts. Like other VOIP programs, its works over wifi, 3G and 4G. Once you have a Magic Jack account, you get your own phone number, from which you can make free calls and retrieve any voicemails on that number for free.

Texting and Phone Calls

Skype – Free

Skype is one of the most popular VOIP programs around. Starting off as a desktop app, the software now has millions of users around the world. The Skype app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phones, and enables you to send messages and make voice or video calls to other other Skype users for free over 3G or wifi, wherever they are in the world (remember if you have a mobile data allowance, you’ll be charged by your carrier if your Skype usage causes you to exceed that). You can also dial local and international landline numbers from your cell at reduced rates.

Tango – Free

Tango is an app for PC, iOS, Android and Windows Phone that lets you make and receive phone calls, video calls and send chat messages. You can also share photos with other Tango users. Like Skype, it’s free to call other users and works over 3G, 4G and wifi. The only disadvantage is that you can only call or text other Tango users, however the app will tell you which people on your contacts list already have the app installed.

Google Voice – Free

Google Voice offers you a range of features and options, including the ability to get your own unique Google Voice phone number, and to have voicemails transcribed to text and sent to you via email. The app itself is free, however phone calls are charged at a reduced rate and you can also make low-cost international calls. Set up custom greetings for different callers, and integrate the service with your Google contacts list.

Viber – Free

Viber offers users free texts, calls and picture sharing with other Viber users. The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Blackberry, Nokia and Bada, and can connect with other users no matter where they are or what carrier they’re using. Viber calls are in HD quality and the app will tell you which people in your contacts list are already users. Even though it’s price free, it’s also ad-free too, unlike many other communications apps.


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