5 App-Building Tools That Take You From Dreamer to Developer

5 App-Building Tools That Take You From Dreamer to Developer

No code? No problem. This list of app-building tools takes the hassle out of development on a budget.

Whether you’re a fledging developer, looking to build an app for your business or just curious, it’s hard to deny that the mobile app market is booming. As more people start using smartphones, there is great demand for apps across all mobile platforms. If you’ve been thinking of dipping a toe into the world of mobile app development, we’ve compiled a list of useful resources that will help you turn your app dream into a reality.

The first step is to decide which platform you want to build the app for. Windows, Blackberry, iOS and Android are all popular but have different frameworks so you won’t be able to create the same app for everyone. Instead, focus on a specific platform to begin with. Then, if you want to, you can release another version of the app for a different platform later.


AppMakr is a service that lets you create apps in just minutes – no coding skills required. Using this tool, you can create iPhone or Android apps. Some of the options available including linking your website to your app, HTML 5 functionality, push notifications and ad support. With an AppMakr account you can create an unlimited number of apps. The basic service is free but you can pay for more advanced features for a subscription of $79 per month.


GENWI is an app-creation service that enables you to create your app once using HTML 5 in the cloud, then transmit it to various devices, including iPhone and Android. The service currently powers over 1,500 apps and is growing daily. Features available include the ability to repurpose web content for mobile users, distribution tools, analytics and reports and the ability to monetize your app. The service costs $99 per month and you can check it out using the 30 day free trial.


MyAppBuilder enables you to create apps without needing any coding knowledge for just $29 per month (for that fee you can create two free apps per month). Simply submit a blueprint of your app with its features, flow and files to the company and they create the app for you. The service works for iPhone and Android and has so far created over 500 apps.


ShoutEm is a service that enables users to create apps for Android, iOS or in HTML5. The service works on the idea that your app should be an extension of your website. You can automatically send updates to users without having to get approval from the iTunes store. You can make sure your app is updated on a regular basis by setting up an RSS feed of content from your website. ShoutEm provides a 30-day free trial and monthly packages start at just under $20.


SwebApps helps you add a number of features to your iPhone or Android app without having to spend hours on coding. Available features include audio galleries and streams, an events calendar, forms, lists and categories, news, locations and map, photo galleries and podcasts. The service is most useful for transferring existing content from your site into an app, and keeping that content updated. SwebApps starts at 399 Euro, plus 29E per month for hosting.


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