6 Alternative iOS Map Apps

6 Alternative iOS Map Apps

Getting lost with Apple’s Maps? Find yourself again with these fully-functional alternative iOS map apps.

Apple users are finding themselves far from where they want to be with Apple’s new Maps app. With its dodgy directions, misplaced landmarks and counter-intuitive feature design, many iOS 6 users are cursing Apple’s name. Users can download city-specific transit apps, including apps for NY, Chicago and San Francisco, however the loss of Google’s Maps causes problems for the millions of users who rely on driving, or don’t live in an urbanized area.

According to reports, Apple developers are in lock-down until the problems are solved. In the meantime, however, here are six map apps that will get you from A to B, without going via Z.

Google – Free

Google’s Maps app might have disappeared, but you can still get the browser version on your iPhone or iPad through Safari or another installed browser. The browser version isn’t as user friendly as their app was, however it is a good interim solution while waiting for the release of their standalone map app. You can still get directions (including using public transit), look up locations and access ‘My Places’.

Tom Tom U.S.A – $39.99

Apple’s partners-in-crime maintained their innocence during the recent Maps debacle, and you can see for yourself whether their software is any good out of the hands of Apple developers with their individual app. $40 is an extortionate amount for an app, but the list of features available could make the hefty price tag worth it for frequent travelers. Notable features include audio directions, social media integration, background navigation and adaptive routes for heavy traffic.

AT&T Navigator – Free

Like the name suggests, AT&T Navigator is only available to customers using the AT&T network. The app itself is free, but users need to choose a monthly subscription option ($9.99) or an annual subscription ($69.99), which is added to their next cell phone bill.

The app provides voice-guided directions, one-tap traffic avoidance, automatic updates and the ability to search for and navigate to the cheapest gas stations in the area.

MapQuest – Free

MapQuest rivals big names like Tom Tom and AT&T Navigator by providing a free voice-guided GPS navigation service. With traffic updates every five minutes, you can request both walking and driving directions. Other useful features include the ability to find the cheapest nearby gas prices and view live traffic cameras to see what traffic looks like ahead. You can create multiple-stop routes, and look up places using their address or business name.

You Need a Map – Free

You Need a Map is designed to work even when you don’t have a cell phone signal. The map covers all 50 states of the USA and also provides data about terrain, streams, lakes and other landmarks, in addition to roads. Due to the amount of data contained in the app, it takes up a lot of memory – 2GB – however it could be useful if you frequently travel outside of cell phone range or have unreliable 3G coverage in your area.

Navigon – $39.99

Navigon USA provides voice-guided turn-by-turn directions for drivers, as well as comprehensive directions for pedestrians. Useful features include a lane assistant, speed assistant, day and night modes, the ability to view a 2D or 3D map and Google Local Search. The app can switch between driving and pedestrian mode, for example when you need to park your car near your destination and walk the remaining distance. Pedestrians also get urban guidance, which uses public transport options as well as walking routes to get you to your destination faster.

HopStop – Free

HopStop provides walking and public transit directions for many major cities in the US, Canada and Europe. You can use the app to get walking directions from A to B, find the nearest subways and bus stops for a certain address, set your travel preferences, estimate time and cost for taxi trips, get access to local taxi companies, and get biking directions in certain cities. The app currently works in 62 different cities and supports a wide range of transit agencies.

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