6 Top Twitter Clients for Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet

6 Top Twitter Clients for Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet

A list of Twitter clients that make it easier to connect.

Used by millions around the world for building business and personal connections, Twitter is here to stay. As many users know, however, the web interface leaves a lot to be desired. If you love Twitter, but can’t spend another minute on twitter.com, take a look at these 6 top Twitter clients that will help make the experience so much sweeter.

Buffer (Browser)

Buffer is the perfect tool for Twitter users who share a lot of content. It’s a type of scheduling tool that enables you to fill up your queue in one go, then leave the app to post content to your Twitter feeds throughout the day.

Instead of having to schedule the posts yourself, however, Buffer will space them out for you throughout the day, and choose the best times to post. Adding content is also easy as Buffer has extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. All you need to do is click, and the content you want to share will be posted for you.

Buffer works in browsers, can also post to LinkedIn and Facebook, and is available as an iOS and Android app. Scheduling up to 10 posts at a time is free, and the service costs $10 per month for unlimited use.

HootSuite (Browser)

HootSuite is a social media dashboard that enables you to manage various social networks at the same time, including Twitter. The service also works with Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google+, MySpace, WordPress and more.

Using HootSuite, you can schedule posts, and view key Twitter streams in one window. These are customizable and can include your feed, your personal posts, new followers and DMs.

The service works in browsers and is available as an iOS, Android and Blackberry app. HootSuite is free for one user and up to five accounts. HootSuite Pro costs $9.99 per month and provides you with extra features like unlimited accounts and analytics reports.

Twitterific (OS)

Twitterific is a Mac-only service that has a clean interface and is simple to use. With iOS apps also available, you can sync your timeline position between your desktop and apps with Tweet Marker for easy browsing. Twitterific also contains handy features that make it even more easy to use, including the ability to perform any action using keyboard shortcuts, and to translate any tweet into another language.

The basic software is free. To remove adverts and be able to view multiple accounts at once, a premium upgrade costs $9.95 for the desktop version.

Echofon (Windows, OS)

Echofon is a smart Twitter client that helps you keep track of what’s happening online, without being swamped by information. The service contains smart features, such as syncing unread tweets between your desktop and iDevice, and providing customized notifications when needed. The service also makes sharing information easy: links, images, location and more are all simple to include.

This client is designed to be left open all day and consequently has a clean interface. The ‘browser drawer’ interface means you can still view extra windows, such as a Twitter profile, while still keeping an eye on your news feed. You can also switch between several different accounts and receive subtle notifications when something happens on each.

Echofon is free and available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Firefox.

Tweetings (OS)

Tweetings is a Mac Twitter client that is also available for iOS. The service has an extensive features list, including the ability to filter tweets, create lists and sync your timeline across other devices where Tweetings is installed.

The service also offers a “TwitLonger” feature, which lets you post longer tweets when 140 characters just isn’t enough, as well as the ability to upload images and video clips.

Tweetings is available for Mac, Chrome, IPhone and iPad. The desktop version costs $2.99 from the Tweetings website and is also available through the Mac App Store.

Destroy Twitter (Windows, OS, Linux)

Destroy Twitter promises a lot of features without leaving a huge footprint. Taking up under 30mb, this Adobe Air app enables you to customize your Twitter feed, enable or disable certain features or preferences, and provides discreet background notifications. You can also filter certain networks or users who are getting too post-happy.

Destroy Twitter works on Mac, Linux and Windows, and is available to download for free.


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