Google To Release First YouTube iOS App

Google To Release First YouTube iOS App

As Apple and Google part ways, YouTube will no longer be available pre-loaded on iOS platforms.

Google has released a long-awaited YouTube iOS app. The previous version of the app will no longer appear pre-loaded on Apple devices, but, on the plus side, the new app is still free, provides thousands more videos than the previous version, and has several additional features not previously seen on iOS.

The Long Break-Up

Relations between the web mega-company and Apple have cooled off recently, and now it seems that Google is striking out on their own. Previously, the two companies had a five-year partnership deal that saw selected Google apps pre-installed on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models. After a series of conflicts, however, that partnership was not renewed at the end of its contract, and the two companies have gone their separate ways.

During a showcase of their iPhone 5 this week, Apple revealed that its iOS 6 will be the first iOS without pre-loaded Google Maps or YouTube apps. Google responded with the news that they would release their own app instead, which users could download as normal through the iTunes App Store.

The new app has additional features compared to the pre-loaded version, including the ability to add videos to playlists or favorites, and flag them to watch later. Even though the new app won’t come pre-loaded on iPhone 5s, it’s still easy to use. Simply install the app, log in and go.


Another major change is that Google have lifted Apple’s advertising restrictions and now allow ads to appear on videos. While this might irk some users, it does have benefits for viewers, video makers and Google themselves. Firstly, both Google and video producers can now make revenue from adverts, which they couldn’t before.

Removing these limitations also enables users to watch videos not previously available on iOS. Apple’s advertising restrictions prevented many music videos and other popular clips appearing on the previous iOS app, as some copyright owners don’t allow their videos to be shown if they can’t make any revenue. This meant that iOS users couldn’t watch selected videos, despite those same videos being viewable on Android platforms and browsers.

Francisco Varela, YouTube’s director global of platform partnerships, discussed the decision to lift ad limitations, saying it added consistency to the service: “We are offering a better user experience to iPhone users. We will now have content parity on all our mobile platforms.”

Future Versions

The new app is tailored specifically for the iPhone, although it still works on the iPad too. An iPad-specific version is expected to be released in the next few months.

The app will be available for download from Tuesday 18th September. Apple’s new iOS 6 could be available to existing devices as early as Wednesday 17th.


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