5 Top Cloud Back-Up Services

5 Top Cloud Back-Up Services

A list of 5 top cloud back-up services that provide a safe and easy way to protect your data from disaster.

The cloud is a beautiful thing. Not only does it give us wireless updates and syncing, but it also provides a cheap and secure way to store hard drive data. Backing up using an external hard drive is generally safe, but it leaves your data vulnerable to malfunctions, theft and loss through damage to the hard drive itself. If you want to keep your data completely safe, cloud storage keeps your information secure without being vulnerable to the tragedies that can befall physical hard drives.

Backing up online also helps prevent data loss through accidental deletion. If you lose or permanently delete a file, having an online back-up will help you retrieve the data quickly and easily.

Here is a list of 5 top cloud back-up services that will protect your data in a pinch and give you peace of mind.

Carbonite offers two back-up products: one for personal or home use, and the other for business use. Once you set up the software, Carbonite automatically backs up your data in the background so you don’t have to run each back up manually. With a Carbonite account, you can access your data from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry too.

Mozy caters for a variety of back-up needs, from personal data to small businesses, to large corporations. With file encryption, you can be extra sure your data is secure. The service also offers iOS and Android apps so you can access your data while away from your computer. As well as setting up regular back-ups that run in the background, users also have access to Mozy Stash.

Mozy plans start at $5.99 a month for personal use, $17.50 for a small business and the company custom builds back-up facilities for larger organizations.

Backblaze offers unlimited data back-ups, and enables you to restore your data online, or using a USB stick or physical hard drive. The program backs up everything on your computer, except your operating systems, applications and temporary files. Instead of running regular scheduled back-ups, Backblaze backs up all the time, so every time you create or change a file, you can be sure that it’s protected.

Backblaze plans start at $3.96 per month.

Crashplan offers a range of on-site and off-site data back-up packages. Back-ups are scheduled and then run in the background automatically, however Crashplan doesn’t just back up to an online server – you can also set it to back up to other locations too at the same time. That way, if anything happens to one version of your back-up, you know you have at least one more that will save the day. With no restriction on file sizes, the service encrypts your data and uses multi-level password protection, keeping your data safe.

A basic package with Crashplan is free, and paid plans start at the equivalent of $1.50 per month.

ZipCloud enables you to access your data at anytime and from anywhere. You can do so from a desktop or mobile and use your ZipCloud account to sync your files across multiple computers and devices in the background, share your files and folders with friends, and back up mobile files on the go.