6 Top iPad Text Editors

6 Top iPad Text Editors

A list of eight iPad text editor apps, because sometimes you just want to keep things simple.

The iPad is starting to look more and more like a viable alternative to using a laptop. lighter, more portable, and with apps galore available to purchase, there’s never been a better time to invest in one of Apple’s signature devices. One major use of the iPad is being able to take notes or write on the go. Use the on-screen keyboard, or an external wireless version, and check out the apps below to get started.

Writing Kit – $4.99

Writing Kit is an app especially for writers who work with Markdown or Fountain. Perfect for doing research and for writing plays or screenplays, you can use it even if you’re not familiar with Markdown syntax. Format your text ready for viewing in Markdown, or in plain text for Fountain, sync your documents with Dropbox, integrate your Writing Kit with CloudApp and access document stats quickly and easily. Writers have 13 different fonts to choose from, and you can also export your documents in HTML format.

WriteUp – $4.99

WriteUp is a simple yet effective text editor. Combining an intuitive interface with the ability to create articles and blog posts in rich text using Markdown, WriteUp also enables you to preview what you’ve written. The app contains a built-in browser so you can fact-check or research without disrupting your writing. Using the “versions” feature, you can also partly or wholly restore different versions of your text, so you never lose any data again.

Notesy – $4.99

Notesy is a Dropbox file editor that automatically syncs notes through the cloud service. You can use it anywhere, whether you’re online or offline. All Notesy notes are stored as plan text files, so you can use them with most programs on your computer. The app has optional privacy settings that enable you to protect your notes with a pincode. With full offline support, you can carry on editing and creating notes even when you don’t have a signal, then sync them next time you’re online.

Elements – $4.99

Elements is a dedicated Markdown and Dropbox-powered writing environment. Edit and share plain text and Markdown documents, and automatically store all your data in Dropbox so you can access it anywhere. The app has automatic and manual syncing capabilities and comes with a scratchpad so you can make random notes and build on new ideas without disrupting the flow of your document. For when you sync long documents between devices, Elements remembers your scroll position on the page so you don’t have to.

PlainText – Free

PlainText is a no-frills plain text editor. Similar to the notes app for iPad (but cleaner), PlainText allows you to create documents then sync them with Dropbox. PlainText’s bare interface is designed to look like a sheet of blank paper, keeping your focus on the text. You can also create different folders to keep your data organized. The app comes with basic functions, like the ability to print, email and rename a file, as well as view the word count, but it places primary importance on helping you get on with your writing.

Writings – $4.99

Writings is similar to PlainText, except it looks nicer. While PlainText looks similar to a word processing document, Writings makes your text look like a novel. Focus on the text in a distraction-free environment and sync notes with Dropbox. You can create different ‘workspaces’ for different projects you’re working on, and sync each workspace with a different Dropbox folder.

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