Spotify App Offers Free Streaming Radio for iPhone, iPad

Spotify App Offers Free Streaming Radio for iPhone, iPad

Popular online music streaming service drops the $10 monthly fee for mobile streaming, and allows users to discover, save and enjoy an unlimited amount of music on the go for free and without ads!

Spotify, the popular online music streaming service, landed on US shores from Europe last July, and it’s been a slow march towards giving music fans a free mobile music streaming service comparable to Pandora or (US users only).

We listed Spotify as one our Top 10 Free Music Streaming Services (you can’t beat all the apps it offers for discovering new music)and also as one of our Top 5 Free iPhone Music Apps, but the caveat is that you needed a $9.99 Spotify Premium subscription to get “free” mobile music streaming on your iPhone or iPad.

That is, until now.

“It’s not every day we get to tell you about a great new radio experience in Spotify!” announces Spotify in a press release. “Starting today, all Spotify users in the US with an iPhone or iPad can tap into millions of songs for free.”

Now you don’t need a Spotify Premium subscription to enjoy free music streaming on the go. Create a radio station to listen to based on your favorite playlist, genre, album, artist or track, and save songs you really like with a single tap.

“There’s a great new radio experience in Spotify,” adds the company. “Now you can discover and save music on the go!”

Some of the new features include:

  1. 1. New: Start a radio station based on your favorite playlist, genre, album, artist or track.
  2. 2. Improved: Long-press on any track to show an improved context menu
  3. 3. Fixed: Stability improved
  4. 4. Create limitless streaming radio stations from single songs, playlists, albums or artists
  5. 5. Create an unlimited number of stations and listen as long as you like
  6. 6. Save tracks to Spotify playlists – any song that users “like” will be saved, so they can find the songs later
  7. 7. Personalize stations in real time by “liking” tracks to hear similar music
  8. 8. Browse friends’ playlists and create radio stations based on their tastes
  9. 9. Access a catalog of over 16 million tracks

With the Spotify app for the iPhone and iPad you can hear great new songs from Spotify’s state-of-the-art recommendation engine, based on what the tens of millions of other Spotify users are listening to

As for Android users, Spotify promises to deliver an app in “due time.”

Stay tuned.

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