Top Paid Blogging Apps for the iPhone / iPad


Pinnacle Studio – $4.99

Movie editing is traditionally a job for the sturdiest of desktop computers, but AvidStudio for iPad takes the same tools and translates them into this advanced app for iPad. Using AvidStudio, you can edit and tweak audio and video clips, and make adjustments to images. The app comes with a range of features, including the ability to create a storyboard and titles.


myRevenue – $0.99

myRevenue is an app lets you track your Google AdSense earnings from your iPad. View daily, weekly and monthly stats, as well as information about page views and conversion rates. You can also find out more details about your website visitors.

iBlogger – $0.99

If you’ve never blogged before, then iBlogger will teach you what you need to know. The app provides video and text resources that cover topics including how to create a blog, finding a domain, monetizing blogs, and SEO.


Analytics Pro 2 – $5.99

Analytics Pro provides real-time information from your Google Analytics account. As well as displaying stats for multiple websites, you can filter results by date, view graphs, export your stats to PDF, or print them using AirPrint. Using Analytics Pro, you can access the full range of data available through Google Analytics without having to log in through a browser.