Anonymous Web Browsing with “Hide My Ass!” Chrome Extension

Anonymous Web Browsing with “Hide My Ass!” Chrome Extension

Official HMA! Web Proxy extension for Chrome allows easy switch to secure, anonymous web browsing.

With varying degrees of online censorship making the rounds around the world it’s important for Internet users to have the means to be able to access content in spite of it. Sure, there’s VPNs, proxy software , and other methods that require software and tasks independent of your web browser, but the Hide My Ass! Web Proxy extension for Google Chrome simplifies it all by allowing users to easily redirect web traffic through its anonymous proxy network right from within the browser.

Hide My Ass! Web Proxy has no third-party ads or annoying popups seen with other proxy extensions for Chrome.  It works with all the popular video-hosting sites such as YouTube and adult tubes that many people are unable to view at work, school, or in countries with repressive content filtering regimes in place.

It has a list of proxy servers available in multiple countries, not just one, and uses SSL encryption for all websites.

So why use a web proxy, as if it wasn’t clear already? To visit websites anonymously, conceal your web browsing history from others, mask your location from prying eyes, bypass geographic content restrictions, and to, of course, bypass site and content filters.

Hide My Ass! Web Proxy features:

  • One click proxy. Whilst already browsing a website, click the extension icon to browse the website anonymously. Alternatively click the icon on a new tab to be shown a web proxy form and specify a website to proxify.
  • Select one of 20 web proxy domain names (not just
  • Select a specific web proxy server (USA, UK, NL).
  • URL obfuscation. Choose between encoded and encrypted web proxy URL’s.
  • SSL encryption. Choose between HTTP and HTTPS web browsing.
  • Option to always launch web proxy in incognito mode for increased anonymity.
  • Option to always launch the web proxy in a new tab.
  • Option to always ask for manual URL entry (and not redirect based on address bar entries).

So how does it work? Easy. Just download and install the extension (Chrome required). Once done an icon will appear in your toolbar. Right-click and select “options.”

Make sure “” is selected for proxy site. You can select others if you choose, but the server sites will be based in the USA only. Save your settings when you’re done.

Notice that you cane change server locations: USA, the UK, and the Netherlands.

Now, to visit a site anonymously, click the toolbar icon and enter the URL of the site you would like to proxy.

As an example I entered using a UK proxy server. Notice how it has changed my location filter to the UK. Now I can access content that was otherwise not accessible by US users.

It’s that easy.

Stay tuned.

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