Ofthemuse: Social DJ Site for Discovering New Music

Ofthemuse: Social DJ Site for Discovering New Music

Players use their taste in music to compete against one another, their playing selections voted on by listeners; when a DJ scores 3 wins the other DJ gets replaced and the party continues.

Social networking has taken the music world by storm, allowing music fans to share and discover new music in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. Sites like Splash.fm and the extremely popular Turntable.fm allow users to harness the combined music libraries of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of users, and offer a richer music discovery experience in the process.

Ofthemuse (Ofthemu.se) is an apparently Sweden-based site that also harnesses the power of social networking to help users listen to  and discover new music. The way it works is that users can become DJs that compete against one other using their taste in music.

“In short,” the site’s founder, Martijn de Haan, told me in an email exchange, “two players become the DJ. “The other players vote for the songs they like most. The song with the most votes wins and gets played.”

After a DJ racks up three wins the other DJ gets replaced by the next in line and the party continues on.

One of the differences, and perhaps a noteworthy shortcoming, is that you can’t upload your own music to the site to challenge others in DJ “battle” with.  You have to select tracks from a music library using the built-in search query, though the music available seems to be quite extensive.

After you select the tracks you want to use they’ll appear in your playlist. Drag and drop the songs to change the order in which they play.

You can join a preexisting party or create your own, perhaps even a private one where you control the guestlist by only inviting family or friends to join in.

“One of the awesome new features I’d like to point out is the use of mobile phones: you can throw an offline party, start Ofthemuse on your laptop connected to your sound system and let your friends battle each other at your party with just their phone (and the music is only coming from your laptop!),” adds Haan.

Ofthemuse is still in beta and invite-only, but I think it will definitely have a place in the brave new world of social music networking.

Stay tuned.

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